Sunday, January 18, 2009

today's plans for the day are restless. cause baby ain't by my side
and i cant help feeling down cus baby is feeling so :(

spent a nice sunday going piano class and packing my messy room. gotta organise my notes, my accessories, makeup and everything else. make my room neat, since CNY is approaching. going for another short shopping spree later with mom. she wants me to go with her, so yeah i gotta go. since i haven't been spending much time with her & my family. yupppp.

i miss you badly. i hope u wont remain moody. i want you back to yr normal self, joking and playing with me. i feel so weird when u're not replying normally. i dont know what i can do to make you feel better, but if u know, tell me okay. and im sorry for not spending time with you. the week that's approaching is going to be a super packed week. im so sorry baby.i'll spend every other single moment that's not packed with you.
i want to see you right now.
i want to surprise you
i want to see you smile
i want to hear you talk
i want to see your retard face
i want to smell your scent
i want to give you a big hug and tell you everything's gonna be fine.
i love you:)