Sunday, January 18, 2009

helloooloo! (ruth, find this familiar? haha)

ytd was,well, good and bad things happened. good things was i got to know more ppl, mainly programmers. bad thing was ummm shan't say laaa. im sure he knows he's wrong and he has his reasons. i will stand by him to support him(: B, dont think so much about it alr kay? i'll close one eye on this incident. dont come down so hard on yourself okay? i dont want u to do so. smile. at least for me:)

todayyyy was shopping day with family, except dad. he went to attend some wedding or sth. yeah, artiste class was spent the day shopping with mom and bro. went bugis pargo junction to walk. i seriously hate bugis, so many ahlians luhh. if quiet ahlian nvm. these ahlians damn wtf, talk so loud so unglam andso vulgar. like zzzzzzz, go away laaa. im sorry if u're one of them.
went shaw towers for dinner. at some italian restaurant? idk. bused down to town! MY FAVOURITE! at least its ahlian-free. saw steven, tatyi and ben chow. haha. first time see steven aft he went botak. and stupid tatyi keep threatening to kick me out of FO, just like hakim. tsk, my 2 FAs are bullies. im a mistreated GL. lol! nono, they rock okay! hahahahaha! (just in case they're reading this.)
saw somemore familiar faces in town tdayyy. bought some clothes? jeans, shorts, tops. spent umm 250+? hahah! BABY! its lesser than yr 500bucks spending and i managed to buy more stuff than u! MUAHAH! girls stuff are indeed cheaper than guys's. haha! now my new year stuff are completed. well, except for a few more bottoms. AND BAG! i wanna get a Guess bag? idk, but no nice designs lehhhhhh. zzzzz. new year is drawing close, i want new bag! :D

ohoh! and i just came across this new party tank by NUM, its CHEERLEADING!! omggg i wanted it last time but they didnt have, they only had the cheerleading dress thingy which is umm not my type. but now they have the cheerleading party tank, and its in black with purple rims, DAMN NICE! pity i dont have a picture to show u how it looks like. mummy disallow me to get it, cus she says i have one already. BUT I WANT THISSSS ONEEEEE. badly.

time for bed. tml's piano class and another small shopping spress with mom and home. gotta pack my room, orders by mom.
tsk! and i just got my dnd mascot duty schedule. next week, monday: 3-5pm, wed: 2-5pm, friday: 1-5pm. OHMYGOSH! im so gonna dieeeeee.
i need to study badly
i need to spend time with baby badly
i need to organise my time badly
i need to do my lecture notes and tutorials
i need to attend classes regularly
i need to be punctual for my lessons
i need to get lesser LOAs
i need to score well for exams badly
i need to sleep more badly
i need to stop cabbing so frequently badly

LOL. nightsynights everyone(:
B, i'll be here for you no matter what
i'll listen to your troubles
help you solve them
understand you better
be with you through thick and thin
love you baby(: