Thursday, January 15, 2009

HELLO ALL! thanks for all the bday wish everyone! :D long time since i last updated my blogggieee yeahh. been quite busy lately, and super stressed!

to keep things short, let me update on what i have to do for the time nowadays
1) artiste school prgram
2) catch up with school work
3) study hard for main exams
4) score well for the sake of my parents accepting baby
5) Temasek League games
6) Tp Dnd mascot parading and etc
7) freelance jobs
8) spending time with baby
9) shopping with family for cny clothes
10) spend time with clique and friends
12) meetings
etc........ super super stressed, esp the exams part. if i screw up this main exams, there goes my life and my baby. its the CRITICAL point now. i must study hard for our sake and for my mom to see as well.

TSK! why is life so tough?
ohwells, look on the bright side of life.

today we won 1 captain ball match out of 2. 1st match we lost 5-3, not that bad laaaa. 2nd match we won, 24-0. LOL. kayyy. good game everyone! (: i love my team luhh. :D

tml's hospitality and tourism presentation. quite impt. i need my blazer, pants and button shirt. ughhhh. mahfun! and laptop as well. IDIOT. so heavy.
then at night shall be ben's bday party @chalet. but im not staying over. yeahhh. but will be heading down with baby after his class thingy, and my own stuff. yuppppp. sports attire yo! that's the theme. haha! ben's lame. and so im gonna be in baby's soccer shirt and my fbts. baby doesnt allow me to go in cheerleading attire =/ shall listen to him

okay, i shall go prepare my speech for tml's presentation and sleeeeep early. nightynight everyone(:

B, im so excited for what is going to come
i cant wait to see the good stuff
and things are getting more exciting
i hope everything goes smoothly
happy first Un-O month(: