Friday, January 09, 2009

I LOVE N801 TO THE MAX!! thank you 01 for the pleasant birthday surprise u guys. i was realllyyy surprised!!!! i didn't expect anything luhhh! after pauline told me how obvious she was, i still couldn't figure it out that you guys kept a cake in the next door tutorial room. its like OMGGG!! damn power lahhh. and after mr phua dimmed the lights and all, i was like ready to copy the next set of notes?? then came bday song and the only source of lights came from the candles, im like DAMN SHOCKED!!! for a moment, im like thinking "eh, who's bday is it huh? mine's like tml leh " haha! seriously i didn't know anything, though i was with pauline in the morning at 9am, and siangphong called her. she said he was asking for thumbdrive, and i totally didn't suspect anything. i love you guys man!!! :D
and thanks pauline for your wonderful frame(:

helped out open house tday blah blah blah blah... lots of things happened. haha. funny and emoooo. haha! but overall, it was fun. met pauline to do hcde proj, and baby tagged along. hahaha! and when it reached TWELVE, many many many ppl sent their bday wishes. THANKSSSSS EVERYONE.
chye loves you all (:

chye is damn happpppy :D