Friday, January 30, 2009

OLA! (raych! rmb dora today? OLAAA)

times are hectic now. getting busy, doing projects, trying to study, trying to cope with everything blah blah blah.
but i still can manage. i think. im still intact though D:

im down with flu, sore throat, cough, fever. woah, it all had to hit me at one shot. nice job done. school has been relatively alright i guess? i realise im more hardoworking in class now. like i really do take initiative to learn things and ask qns on stuff i dont know. yeah, well thats wad i think luhh. but im determined to make a difference to my main exams. based on my performance for the past few months, i think i barely scrape a GPA of 2. i must do well!

u know its just this drive baby gives me. the urge to prove my parents wrong and for them to accept him. the wanting to stay long with baby. the encouragement baby gives me to go for lectures(-.-) without him, i dont think i'll be working that hard now.
and for that, i Thank You Baby,
for being part of my Live
for making a difference in Me
for making me Whole.

I Love You

tomorrow there's Dnd mascot meeting in schooool at 10am!!! noooo, i gotta wake up early again! on a beautiful saturday morning. tsk, oh wells, commitments are meant to be kept to. after which, i'll be meeting my dearest goldfish jeanne for mugging session at Central. yeahhh, im studying mannn. damn happy. i've never been so keen in studying -.-
i hope it'll be fruitful

Sunday shall be my family day. im not sure where we're going. maybe to nearby places? but im going to see the doc again. haha. and i'll be making new specs! hopefully i can persuade mom to make me another pair. HEH!

okayyy, i've finally uploaded some pictures(though some are super old), so Enjoy! more to come up. e.g. my chinese new year, TP open house, my cameron highlands travel etc etc. stay tuned!
Love All. take good care everyone(:

starbucks studying day with pauline

we attempted to study in starbucks, but ended up talking? and pauline spilled her drink and got another one FOC! not fairrrrr. then went to cut her fringe. and she bought the same ezlink card holder for the both of us. awwww, i love you girlfriend, seriously(:
Enjoy your malaysia trip(:

camwhoreeeee with pauline, jonathan and ann ann(:

a picture tells a thousand words. Love Friends(:

my 18th birthday celebration with N801 :D

and the sequence of the events that took place is as of above. i totally Love and Adore my beloved girlfriend, pauline ding, for planning this for me and helping me cut the cake(even if its messily). and thank you everyone else who helped out in the process. thank you sooooo much! (:

LiveLive stayover

NewYear2008-9 countdown!

happy 2009 everyone! Love All (:

swensen with baby(:

swensen's baked rice is like ZOMG, plain rice at the bottom. cheat my money.

random pictureeee

my birthday surprise by B and supposedly shah and the others. LOL.

awwwwww. Touched.

thats all for the night. i shall head to bed for an early night.
Baby, sleep early okay? and dont be so stressed over the recent events that took place. i'll be here for you no matter what. Loveyoumuch