Saturday, January 31, 2009

hello world.

i was late for mascot meeting. whoops! sorry to keep u guys waiting. woke up at like 8am, but i off my alarm and went back to sleep. HAHA. woke up again at 10. by the time i reached sch, it was 1130 -.- sorraayyyeeee.. had briefing and my costume was decided to be the same! yay!

yeahyeahyeah!left at ard 1240 with alex. went to meet jeanne at central! my beloved goldfishieeee! havent seen her for ages! went subway to mug and lunch(: had my fav cookieeee, double choc chip :D camwhored awhile afterwards, our fav past time. photos are still with goldfish, will upload when i get them. there're some really pretty ones(:

homed after leaving jeanne. texted baby. going to mug now. i hope u're doing fine baby. nights in advance to all.

My Lovely Obsession(:

I Miss You Much.
i miss your cranky sentences
i miss your presence beside me
i miss your cute moments with me
i miss everything that has to do with you

i haven't been understanding
my bad, my apologies
i'll change
for the better
for our sake.
you were always on my mind
you and only you

i hope everything will be back to normal
take loads of care during this period okay?
i just want you to know
im always here for you
just a phone call away
Love You Baby<3