Tuesday, January 06, 2009

time flies, doesn't it?
hoho! today's terrific tuesday! haha. let's talk about the previous few days...

sunday was awesome! had piano class, then off to shopping with family at town! it was supposed to be a mainly buying-of-clothes-for-bro, but it became my day! HAHA! i bought like 3 flats, 2 tops, 2 dresses, 10 face masks(-.-), i think more bottoms, and i cant remember already! haha! poor daddy had to make mutliple trips to the car to deposit my shopping items cus the bags were getting too heavy to carry. heh! late lunched at some indonesian restaurant. YUMMYYY!! continued to shop around, had tea break of mars bars and ice cream! ;D

dad fetched me to vivo at 4plus, then sent bro to his hostel at ntu. reached vivo, raychlove was late. so i decided to walk around myself first. went mango, a top caught my eye and i tried it on, and i bought it! rushed to skygarden to meet LiveLive cast. love you guys to pieces! ;D had meeting and all, mama briefed us about this year's show and all. ladalada. meeting ended, cabbed down to leisure park to meet chinleng & co. went for mayday's concert. it was nice man! the music was seriously nice, but the location wasn't nice. HAHA! left to meet baby at tm, and i cabbed down to tampines from kallang man! baby's touched! LOL. awwww. had dinner and dessert at swensens! cus i was craving for S's icecream. :D homebounded after slacking awhile (:

TEAM TEMASEK DAY! many ppl were decked out in red tops. so was i & baby! his dragon boat shirt for the both of us. :D yeahhhhh. ended lessons early due to some "photoshoot" LOL! wtf. met baby. lunched at bistro then to cheers and to lib. im glad we resolved everything. i love you B.

was browsing through movie timeslots on my laptop in lib and we decided to catch YESMAN! since i coldn't go training due to some reason, i might as well go out. haha! but first, had to satisfy our hunger. went mensa for dinner and off to TM! YESMAN is seriously damn funny, but no link at all. i think i went hysteric with laughter at the last part where jim carrey's hospital tunic flapped open, revealing his ASS! omfg, i swear i couldn't stop laughing. ROFL! went to slack outside cus baby had flu. LOUSYYYY! went starbucks and saw couple of familiar facessss. baby felt better aft drinking blended coffee. how weird for a person with flu to drink super cold drinks and feel better afterwards. WEIRD! homesweethome afterwards(:

which is todayyy. i set my alarm clock at the wrong time man! i wanted to wake up at 6, but i set it at 7, and i woke upa t like 715?? rushed here and there, bathed without blowdrying my hair, thus resulting in a SUPER BAD HAIR DAY. cabbed down to schoool mannxzxz. again! tsk!!! was on time for tutorial. haha! went for classes as uual tday. didn't know there's N.E forum luhh. and i have to go cus i missed the last time. yeah. so i basically froze inside TCC and i slept throughout the entire talk. WHOOSH. so boring luh, and it dragged on even further. tsk! went over to lounge for SU open house helping out meeting. caught up with coupe of SU ppl. heh! had meeting. blahhh. called baby afterwards. he didnt come sch tday! tsk! home bound, while talking/smsing baby.

is wednesday -.- like DUHHHH. class until umm 12nn? i presume there's no CGINT. haha! meeting baby for lunchhh. i think so. then baby's gonna sit in pauline and my hcde project. haha! secret dont tell u why. muhahaa! then pauline's gna leave for her jap and baby's gnna accompany me I THINK. until 6. then i'llgo for triathlon training. and i'll join him and V ppl for dinner. i think they'll probably be done with dinner alr. ohwells. hahaha!

thurs to saturday is TP OPEN HOUSE!!! and i'll be helping out at SU booth for all 3 days. meaning i wont be going class. oh wait, i will be in class, until 1pm on thurs, and until 11am on friday :D yupppppp. coooolness! staying over at B's place from 8-10jan. im gg back on the 10th night though, after jam n hop. cus i've got piano the next morning. if not i'll just stay until sunday. yup.

and on friday, it shall be a very special day for a special girl named jasmine CHYE, for its her 18th birthday!!!!! and she'll be going to zouk/phuture after tp open house on friday to club her night away. and be a dead zombie on the next morning for open house activities again. LOL! nvm. its her 18th anyway! :D :D :D :D :D she's very psyched about it!

and on sunday, i'll probably be meeting clique for bday celebration/meal as well. then maybe meeting baby. but i'll have to be home by say 8pm or earlier? cus have to cut cake with family yoooo! haha. yup. that's all for this week's schedule.

photos up next time alrighty? but i shall show u ONE pictureeeee (: stay tuned for moreeee. when i have the time to upload them. heh! gooodnight all!
anw, here's one FRIGGGIN FUNNY link at youtube. go watch it, you'll feel like killing this person. hahha! enjoy laughing yr ass away.

countdown to 2009! (: