Saturday, February 21, 2009

hello again. im back home after studying a whole day with paddygohhhhhh.
had a great time catching up with her, studying, making fun of other ppl like we always do. LOL! that stupid indian woman cheated my money at cafe galiee -.- loser shit.
ain't that our fav tagline now? hahah. and im so not a bitch okay. u asshole.

after moving here and there, all because SOMEONE was late and thus there wasn't any plugs available for her laptop so I had to climb the overhead bridge, walk through the park opp the amk lib, to get to the macs to search for any powerpoints. and there wasn't, so i came back. PADDYGOH, U'RE LUCKY I DIDN'T SLAUGHTER U AND FEED U TO THE PIGS. anw, we settled at cafe galilee, and that's where we started our making fun of ppl adventures. lol.

left amk lib and walked out. passed by this alley and we started camwhoring. haha. shall upload the pictures after exams when i have timeeeeeee. but first, shall show u some pictures that i've yet to upload
subway studying day, with dearest goldfish!

DnD Occupazione! & im air stewardess! catch me at Mariott Hotel on the 26th (:
stay tuned folks......
meanwhile, lets all CHIONNNGGGG for main exams!!!!!! and we're freeeeeeee! :D
nights everyone, im still feverish. shall turn in early.