Monday, February 23, 2009

im so gonna slaughter those fking bangalas for doing reroofing works ontop of my roof. its damn @$%&&$!#$%&%$# NOISY!!!!! its literally EVERY MINUTE there will be drilling noises. and they're right above my unit today! omgawwwwdddd. im going to start killing ppl soon!!!!! i came home aft maths paper, hoping to study peacefully, but alas, stupid works havent end yet. and its driving me CRAZZZZZYYYY. argggggghhhh!

today's exams was :( i couldn't do B2, B4, C1 and there flies 32marks!!!! OHMYGOOOODDD. im totally demoralised. i studied quite hard, but those that i studied didn't come out. and and that particular B2 qns i didn't touch on HAD to come out today, carrying 10marks. wtf. bad day bad day.
tonight's gonna be a bad night as well. think im gonna study till i go mad. i've got like 6 topics left to cover for esfac tomorrow. shitttttt. im so dead.

u know its so bad that i blast the loudest volume on my ipod, i can barely hear what the song is. all i hear is "DRILLLLLLLLLL..... DRRIIIIIILLLLLL... " ughhhhh. sucks.

okay i shall go bathe, drown myself in water and start swearing all over the place inside. at least no one hears it except the walls and my friendly toilet paper. toodles!