Wednesday, February 25, 2009

im sooooo looking forward to my holidays.& to the area behind (:

sooooo many chalets and camps coming up. so far i think i've got like 4 chalets in march???!?!! and triathlon nationals fall on 4april, which is FOW! shiiitttttt.

okay, i officially owe my blog thousands of photos, i promse there'll be a photoexploded post one day! soon sooon!
i wanna go out and playyyyy! but i've still got intHT to complete, which is proven to be a fully memorised context type of exams. shit.

lets see, i woke up at 6 to morning call baby, but surprisingly he wke up at 542am himself, and i thought i overslept. okay, msg awhile and i went back to sleep. rewoke up at 9 odd because OF THE BLOODY REROOFING WORKS ABOVE. so i left house and went macs opp monfort to study. didnt go sch cus i was too lazy. besides i was supposed to go meet client at night, so i was lazy to dress up and go sch in the morning. haha. i stuided at 10am all the way to 6pm! den i cancelled my meeting with client, hurhur, cus i want to continue study! im still not done! if i meet them i confirm tml fail exams alr. yup. so met mom go hougang mall eat. heh. she wanted to eat with me. had pepperlunch cus the aroma of frying food caught her nose's attention. then we shared icecreammmm! hahah! cus both of us wanted but was afraid of getting fat. HAHA! how funny. yup. blissful(: i love my mum, though she's rather annoying/pissing/naggy/ughhh at times. LOL.
went to buy my shampoooooo and homebound.

its been some time since she last held my hand.
i like people to hold my hand
it gives me assurance.

came back, checked mail, bathed and im ready to absorb myself in a world of hospitality and tourism. tskkkkk, here i come again!
here i go again, i cant wait to start my holidays!!!!!

Top of my to-do-list:
i want to go out with baby soooon!!!

i found this in my com. won some top10 gorgeous women from amore fitness. haha! and i got tons of vouchers from them, chucked somewhereeeeeeee.... haha!

old movies in a familiar airconditioned place
with the screen oh-so-nice
coupled with the perfect spot
perfect person next to me
what is more perfect?