Thursday, February 26, 2009

now the top of my to-do-list is:
to be a good girlfriend:)

TODAY's paper was screweddddddd. alot of general knowledge qns.
one example:
all of the following are hub cities of Air Canada except
(a) Toronto
(b) Montreal
(c) Vancouver
(d) Quebec City

zomg. i anyhow scribbled one answer. hahah.

another one! this one must watch the news and all, but i forgotten!
"the first flight by SIA's Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, was to..."
(a) Sydney
(b) London
(c) Melbourne
(d) Los Angeles

i was thinking either A or B, but i wrote B. gimme your answer! is it sydney or london?

and i friggin criticized a certain race group in my essay. LOL. u should hear how i write it. those who know me will know which race i criticized. HAHAHAH! i hope my intht tcher marks it, not by that raced tcher. went to meet raych aft exams. i swear her dog is friggin annoying. its like the first dog i think is annoying. i usually love dogs. but her's a special case. left shortly after, bused to central and took 27 back. went to see doctorrrrrr. got my pills and medicine, dad came to pick me up.

tomorrow's clique outing day! LIKE FINALLY LYNETTE LOW MUI SEE CAN MAKE IT!!!! so tml will be full clique outing. omgggg! how egggcitingggg! hahaha.
and zouk clubbing at night yo! :D :D :D

happy celebrating end of exams and start of holidays! :D
im gonna settle my netball competition thingy.