Sunday, March 01, 2009

no more exams for at least 2 months! *bounces & jumps*
update on my life for the past few days. i last blogged on thurs, and today's sunday.

went out with clique to town. caught up with everyone, watched bloody valentine. wtf! its damn @#%&%!#$&^GROSSSSSS! i asked dork to borrow ezlink from the girl behind us, cus dork doesn't have student ezlink, she's in private school. and cathay has student prices yo. hahaa! so mighty chye who wants to help dork save money gave her that idea. LOL. luckily there weren't much ppl inside the cinema, if not they would be disturbed by my sudden yelps. which paddy got. haha, cus she sat beside me! and dork got into a slump halfway through the movie cus she's afraid to watch. stupid movie, caused me to have nightmares. no wonder its rated M18.

dork and mui had to leave due to classes and sth. paddy and i walked around town. went wisma and i bought a dresssssss. cooolios. home bound to get some clothes. paddy went for her hairdye appointment. accompanied her later. then, supposedly go club with peopleeeeeeeS, thennnn, in the end, never go. went drinking with paddy, pru, tim, tim's gf, gary, edric, shawn at forbidden city. hahaa, it was fun! and it was tim's bday on friday. sorrrrry timoooo, happy belated birthday! the clique came late, so paddy and i went in first. got the king-ish kind of seats-sofa. and so we were looking through the drinks menu when 2 blacks, 1 angmoh came and asked if they could buy us drinks. yeah and actually they wanted to leave aft the beers and our cocktails, but in the end they bought more and more for us. yeahh. wewent into this ice palace inside forbidden city, its damn COOOOL i swear! but u gotta buy a shot first, den u go in, drink the shots, dont feel anything, and when u come out, u feeeee the heat and warmth going down. cus inside the ice palace, the temp's -7degrees. -.- then the guy got the bartender to mix a special drink and he asked me to drink it all. wtf, its like a mix of super alochols. lots of diff types of alcohol inside, could smell it. its called french connection. i drank some of it, not all. yeah, and a last drink of tequilla shot with a mouth of lemon& salt. i wasn't drunk or wad. so yeah, im pretty much fine. just that my face went numb aft the french connection -.- lied to them that zirca has more expesive cover charge if it gets later, so they left. cus i felt bad for tim & co being at the table next to us. yeah. joined them aft they left. haha, LIKE FINALLY. got onto dancefloor and 2 random angmohs approached us.
suppered with co aft going, den homebounded.

OTC REFRESH!!! i was superrrrr tired i didn't want to go. and my head was hurting like a bitch. gave holqa brunch a miss cus i wanted to sleep more. called baby, he was still in bed as well and gave his empire's brunch a miss. finally woke up and discovered i was going to be late. went to bathe and cabbed down to school. zzzzzz. lucky i wasn't late, if not *feel in the blanks yourself* lol. refresh was sun-burnish. i was sun burnt! (and i only discovered it when i was back home) weather was friggggggin HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!! played games, had final clash in a different and smelly method. debrief, a longgggggg one. slack with peeps. went opp sch to get F&B, back to mush to have holqa dinner. played some games as well, and i was named bimbird =/ righhhtttttt. and i owe a forfeit during holqa chalet.
met baby afterwards(:

had piano lesson. PIANO EXAMS ARE DRAWING NEAR, 16 more days. im soooo scareddddd, my pieces aren't fluent still. =X pressure is building on..... since baby's going out tday, and my photoshoot is postponed, i shall stay at home and emo (like wad baby said). zzzzz. i shall head to hougang mall with mom to get stuff :) then home for casino royale! haha, its been a long time since i last sat down to watch tv man!

omg, my march is packed with chalets and camps.wooooaaaahhh. its like every week sure got 1 chalet/camp to attend. miracle my mom lets me go still. must be because i've been really hardworking during exam times thats why im allowed to go have fun!

hoho, tomorrow's plans areeeeeee. meeting up with netball team. ohyes, havent told you guys yet. myself and 5 other people, whom i guess u all dont know, are playing in the contiki beach netball competition. its happening on the 8th march, palawan beach, 10-530pm. come on down and support me! and there's gonna be plenty of other games and activities :D

tml's "bonding" session with team members, cus we all dont know each other. i only know 2 of them, and im the middlewoman. hurhur. so gonna meet mich at town at 12 to get stuff and meeting team RS! at 2. lunch,slack etc etc, then mich is coming over my place to get my bag and pack my stuff for chelsie's chalet. i've got tons to pack. im staying out for 4days, can imagine my bag. but i'll try to shrink it. LOL. then we're gonna head down chelsie's chalet. yup.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE TO YOU CHELSIE. (though im gna wish u on the day itself too.)

that's all for now folks. pictures shall be up soon.
cant wait for all the activities to come. happy holidays to all
love baby(:

some insights on peeektures. forbidden city @ clarke quay
shots in ice palace