Thursday, March 05, 2009

replies to tag. cus its to much, then u guys wont see my reply if i post it up on my tagboard. heh.

suqin(: :DAJIE! Sydney, bao ok!(:
chye: HUH!!! i wrote London.....

passer-by: hi, did u go tiong bahru plaza on fri? hahas =]
chye: ehhhh, nopeee i dont think so. haha.

sharon: looks like i miss out the fun on friday.
chye: haha, yaaa lorrrr. you laaaa

lun: hahahaha love u too lahhh. eh wad my sockss cleannnnn! and omg u still rmb me throwing ur shoe LOL.
lun: chyeee! what's the girl's name? the one in the middle of u and your friend in the photo!
lun: she looks damn familiar.
chye: haha yr socks are never clean. haha! and yes of course i rmb you throwing my pretty shoe. ahhaa! and the girl's prunella, as u would have known by now.


lun: i know la but later i recognise the wrong person howwww
lun: : D
chye: haha, yes indeed. pru u should smack weilun. HAHA!

HOLAAAAA! IM BACK FROM CHELSIE'S 4D3N CHALET!!! that explains my absence from my blog. heh. chelsie's chalet was... sex laaaa. (find that familiar?? quoted from C. LOL!!!!) basically for the 4d3n, we ummm drank lotsaaaa alcohol. ppl got drunk, puked, got high, did crazy things,secrets spilled and we drank even more. each night drank like chivas, black label, barcadi, whisky etc. my liver's gonna die, just by going through these 4 days. hahaha! nono, by the end of the hols, i think my liver's dead already. cus there's lots of chalet, drinking and clubbing plans going on. so yeahhhhhh. but chelsie's chalet was super fun! cus i made super funny friends. hahaa. though they make me die of smoke every single second. hardcore smokers.

shan't go into details of chalet cus its too much! haha. next few activities for the next few days.....

6march(tomorrow): sentosa with holqa!! :D
7march: baby day out:)
8 mach: contiki netball competition at sentosa!
9march: Dnd mascot runway rehearsals
10march: baby day out:)
11 march: IT show booth set up day
12-15march: IT show! (im working under UOB. come drop by!)

the rest of the days are still blurry. hahha. next week den post up. heh! anyway, i came bck from chelsie's chalet and slept awhile, just now. then woke up to prepare and go for IT show briefing.zomg this year's style is super diff and challenging. and we gotta have fast fingers and working speed. -.- after that went to serangoon gardens to meet my stalker, aka lynette. haha!had dinner and frolicccckkkk! omg super awesome. i miss frolick like mad. :D saw shermaine(sjc junior) and she's coming to tp MCT. LOL! baby!! yr course(aft changing name). den stupid jared called me. cus he was outside and i was inside and i friggin didn't see him when he was exactly infront of me. yeah pretty retarded. and his friends laughed. -.- talked, slacked, crapped with stalker. and then it poured elephants and dinosaurs. super huge rain. and stalker sent me home. and got drenched on the way back her house. awww mannn, sorrry stalkerrrr. =/

my piano's spoilt! SHITTTTT. as in the parts are a little faulty and the repairman just took it away to repair it which will take 1week. AND MY PIANO EXAMS ARE 2 WEEKS AWAY. wtffffff. how i practice!!! and the repairs cost like 850bucks???? mom was like I CAN BUY A NEW PIANO ALREADY. but cus the man said our piano is one of the best pianos (not the grand piano category) so the repairs are worth it. zzzzzzzzzzzz. waste moneeeeyyyy. my piano tcher's so gonna kill me when she finds out i haven't practiced a single bit. -.- god bless me.

okay, i had like dammmmn little of sleep during chalet( 4days< 12hrs of slp) so im going to bed already! and so sorry no pictures yet. haha! im too tired to upload will do so someday! gotta wake up at 9plus tml. *eyes closing* nights!
hate lan, snatches baby away from me.pffft!