Friday, March 06, 2009

rise and shineeeeee! its a bright new day. and i just fell asleep after waking up at 8. i was doing my things on the bed and i fell asleep. haha.

okay i shall go pack my things to go sentosa and take a quick shower and leave houseeeee. my house is frigggggin warm and the hammering above is getting on my nerves. ohoh, and anyone has plain black polo tee(doesnt matter guys or girls cutting), pleaseeeee lend me. i need to wear it for IT show. and i dont want to buy cus it'll be plain waste of money since i dont wear polos out. please tag on my tagboard if u have or u can text me at 9xxxxxxx THANKS!

p.s. i think my smile/mouth shape sort of resembles someone. ain't i right baby? i was just looking through our pictures. brings back some laughter. haha! and i realise we havent taken pictures for a longgg time. okay gotta take them soon. eggcited! tml's baby day out. haha. im still head over heels in love with this song.

bye world.