Monday, March 09, 2009

its 1012am in the morning! and im sore all over.
sunburnt+ muscle aches= not a good feeling :(

ytd had our contiki beach netball. i swear its damn tiring! and running on hot hot sand is not fun. i've got like 3 blisters on my feet just because of running on sand. how sad >:[ and and not to fine, i blame myself. pffft. we lost our matches. but i made new friends!(: u know my team was mention going under the sun whilst i still sunburnt! its like HOT AND STINGY TO THE MAX. the youngest team in the mixed open category! the guys in the other teams were like WOAH, big sizeeeed and everyone played damn rough and rowdy. =x i got scraped, abrasion, little bleeding holes etc. -.- how fun. but it was fun still. haha. we ended early and went off to bathe. and off i go to meet baby last min. heh!
slacked at his house, was supposed to go buy aircon, but that lazy pig decided not to go. so we had dinner at his place and watched tv, together with his daddy! hahha. cooool beans. baby sent me down at 8plus to go home.

today! im going to mariott hotel for my dnd mascot runway rehearsals. omg, imagine we have to catwalk for 4hours tday! hahhaa. im sooooo not gonna wear heels. might be meeting jin xian at night for the dinner he owes me. haha. baby's going for army talk, which means no one to msg me for the wholeeeeee day. awwwww.

TOMORROW! shall be spent with baby. we're going to get his aircon! and our post vday dinner is tomorrrrrowww! yay yay yay! wonder wad has baby planned.
okay, im going to bathe and start to get ready. meeting joy and chelsie at orchard at 130! seeyaaa!

i must stop shopping online!!!! i keep shipping things over. HAHA! ytd was forever21, now im looking at havaianas. -.- stop chye stop!