Tuesday, March 10, 2009


yesterday was super fun! had dnd mascot runway rehersals at mariott hotel. haha! i swear chelsie and i had super fun doing our diva walk everytime we approach the grand ballroom door. LOL.
so the day began with me waiting for joy and chelsie at orchard mrt. waited for the other mascots to arrive outside mariott. saw badd and other tpde ppl, they're going to the same place as us to take stage marking for their performance. then we went up, john seah welcomed us. lol. sat inside grand ballroom (quite small eh), waited for our turn to use the stage and all. so throughout, we did many runs, changed the runway pattern, modelling walks, poses etc etc. rehearsed quite many times. but everyone had super fun! we even have videossss! but not gonna show u guys! HEH! (cus i dont even have it)

after the rehearsals, 5 of us, inclusive of me, are scheduled for photoshoot next week! yeah man. haha. i think we're gonna have a crazy time again. LOL. went off with chelsie to get things done etc. HAHA! met nic and sunny. blah blah *censored*

had my hair cuttttt. hahah, though dnd committee asked me nt to cut my hair, cus its damn hard to style my hair for the show as my hair's too straight and the top is too little. but ohwells, i told my hairstylist not to cut it too short, just trim the ends and my fringe. it turned out---- my fringe is soooo short! but paddy thinks its fine. anw, met paddy after wards, headed to town. did some shopping and paddy used my atm to pay. this woman damn random

[paddy and i paying at cashier]
-random woman appears-: excuse me can i buy a scarf?
me: huh?
woman tells cashier: can i purchase a scarf behind you, it says $10 with purchase.
me: zzzzz
cashier: you okay with that?
me: err yeah
-woman disappears-
-returns again with $10-
woman: thank you.
weird! using other ppl's purchase so she can buy the scarf at a cheaper price. righhhtttttt. big Cheapo. continued walking. was searching for my dress. after searching high and low all over orchard for it, i realised i actually have a suitable one at home for that occasion which i've never worn before. -.- kayyyyy. waste time. nvm. had a sudden urge to do pedicure. hahah! and so i had my toe nails done.and they're looking at me prettily now. hahaa! halfway through, i told paddy "eh i tell u sth ahhh. i feel like doing manicure as well" paddy went "okay, seeyou bye i go first" HAHAHA! cus waiting for me to finish my pedicure is a chore to her, since she was just rotting away on the big comfy chair. hahaha.

went to compass point to get her ring, and for me to do some nerdy business to please someone. haha. had a look at handphones cus i might be getting a new line, but none appealed to me. im still eyeing on baby's renoir, since i partly picked it for him. nvm, i shall wait patiently until its going to be stuck at home when B's in army. muhahahah.

tomorrrrrrooowwwww! baby's got job interview, then we're gonna catch a movie, have a meal and im off to work for IT show. 5pm, suntec city, tml's set up of booth. then for the next few days until 15march, i don think i'll be blogging. cus i'll be working daily for IT show from morning to late night. yeahhh. sad life, nvm, money's coming in.
yay yay, tml gna meet baby. i shall turn in early, soon. and wake up late tml. :D
more peeeektures coming up soon!