Monday, March 16, 2009

helloooo! im back from IT show. zomg! it was horrible working with demanding customers who are out to make our jobs difficult. i've got a couple of nasty encounters that almost led to my trickling tears. but luckily they never made it, or i'll look stupid with puffy eyes and serving customers. on the other hand, friends made were awesome,well, except for Don. haha. love the friends and all the self-made fun we had(DJing in the night). wonderful experience, getting stuck behind the UOB gift redemption booth for 4days, snacking below the counters, throwing the dip cards and forms in an ultra messy manner, and waving excited hello waves to friends who were oh-so-nice to drop by and visit me by the booth. how fun it was! LOL.

now im back to my normal life! today, i had piano class at my exam venue. interesting. the piano felt different! haha, i swear there's a diff. ran through the whole exam process and all. supposed to meet baby in the afternoon and night for our post vday dinner. BUT, he didn't know tomorrow's my FREAKING piano exams, so he told me to stay at home and practice and rest so i'll be fresh for tml's exams and score well! (or he'd kill me). and so, my mom was happy, and she told me to practice piano in the afternoon and go shopping with her in the evening. haha, cus we're having a wedding soon, and she has to go pick out dress to wear to the wedding. and she needs my help in getting it. so i told her alright, i'll go but i wanna be back in max 2hrs time. cause my baby cancelled today so i can practice piano, and i dont want to go against him. so im only taking out 2hrs to go with her to get her dress cus its her and mine only free time. i'll be going chalets and i have my own stuff, so no time to get dress with her,that's why i have to go today. since my dad's chauffeur for us today.

tml is my piano examsssss!!!! OMGGGGGG. im so goddamn nervous! its been like 5-6years since i last took a piano exam!!!! wish me all the best peopleee.
after exams, i should be heading home to pack/collect my chalet stuff and head down to changi for holqa's chalet. it starts tomorrow.

and on the 18th, shall still be holqa's chalet+ peiling's bday chalet as well. and and, 1-7pm is dnd mascot full dress rehearsals at mariott hotel. omg, by the time i return back to chalet i wonder what time it'll be already. plus, heart to heart talk should have started alr, i think. zzzzzz, everything is clashingggggg. and i've got a short interview + photoshoot on 18th at yishun. AHHHHHHHHH. im sorry paddy, i cant go clubbing on the 18th, cus its my empire's heart to heart talk and i cant miss that.

thursday, i'll be going out with baby and staying over at his place. and we'll be doing what i likeeeeee, movies in a carefree manner :D

saturday. refresh2 for holqa at ecp. damn, i better not get burnt/tanned anymore or baby will be on fire. my skin as well. gotta get it healed and beautified for cousin's wedding next week.

sunday. i think im going out with my family. gotta go get bro's oakley shades -.- speaking of which, yesterday was my bro's 24th bday! and until now i haven't gotten my another bday pressie from my familyyyyy. i think im gonna pick my guess bag soon soon soon! i think i'll order it online and ship it over. they have better designs overseas. heh :D

mon-wed(23-25 march). i think im still free.

thurs(26march) is TP Dinner And Dance 09! ohyeah yeah yeah. i'll be down early since im mascotting, or rather, modelling as what they call it now cus it sounds nicer. HAHA.

fri-sun(27-29) is my class chalet,supposedly. but i just got news that Mentor Training Camp is on the 25-28. so jingxin is asking if we can DONT go mtc bt still be mentor. then we can attend class chalet, since we're talking about celebrating 4(?) classmates bday tgt. haha!
but but, i'll be staying for 1 night only. cus 28 and 29th is my cousin's wedding! yes, 2days, first day is the church one(rather informal one), and the 29th is the formal one. u know all the serving tea and getting the bride over etc etc, and dinner at hotel in the evening. yuppppp.

and here we'll step into April.
2-4 april shall be FOW!!! and if if im going nationals(which i dont think i am), its gonna be on the th april. and and and and i've got a photoshoot on 4th april 12pm as well! OMG. should i or should i not go? but i'll be leaving my empire for maybe awhile? haha. hmmm,i'll think about it.

6-8april is FOC!!!!! camp of the year! muahhha, and there will bound to be tears for the year3s and 4(!) will be leaving TP and it'll be their last camp already. we better make it a memorable one, for someone special is in the camp with me this time and he'll be leaving as well. awwww.
i'll miss bumping into you in school :/

kay, time to go out and meet my mom, and the 2hours shall start ticking. toodles.
ohoh, last but not least,check out the remaining modules i have for my course, integrated facility design and management.

21EBD1002Integrated Resort Design and Development4To be Taken
21EBD2005Security and Surveillance4To be Taken
21EBD3001Space Planning4To be Taken
21EBM2004Project Management4To be Taken
21EBM2005Fire and Life Safety Management4To be Taken
21EME2001Air Conditioning and Hydraulics4To be Taken
22BLR2002Attractions Management4To be Taken
22EBD3002Lighting and Acoustics4To be Taken
22EBM3001Energy Audit4To be Taken
22EBM3003Financial Management and Forecasting4To be Taken
22EBM3004Business Continuity Management4To be Taken
31EMP3001Major Project12To be Taken
32BHT2003Club & Resort Business4To be Taken
32EBZ2006Service Quality and Management4To be Taken
32ESZ2003Management Systems & Assessment5To be Taken

OMFG. i've got 6 modules next sem, which is starting 20april. save me from hellllll. looking at my subjects, im like a Hospitality and Tourism student, Business student, Accounting and Finance student, and a Facility Management student. -.-

i just died...
i want my baby now now now...