by - March 17, 2009

OMGGG! PIANO EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER. wasn't as scary as i thought it would be. it went quite alright, but i played a couple of mistakes here and there. i think scales wasn't very good. :/ anyway its over! yay!!!! gotta wait like 4 months before i get my results. haha the examiner vry nice. he greeted me when he bumped into me outside the exam room. heh. he's super friendly! i hope he's super lenient, hopefully he gives me a merit instead of a mere pass. HEH. *crosses fingers*

okay! now im gna pack my bag, its gonna be HUGEEEEEEE. packing clothes until friday. gosh! better start soon. gonna meet baby soon as well. be his free maid. then meet amanda and head down to changi for holqa chalet.

plans for tomorrow!
wake up in the morning at chalet, bathe and change into clothes for gg mariott, go for mascot rehearsals, change out of costume and into new set of clothes, head down for interview, and rush back to chalet for heart to heart talk. okay, lucky i got mrt concession, or my ezlink would get busted.

i need the toilet now now now! need to do some big businesssss. argh! toodles! wont be updating till fri/sat. byeee

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