Monday, March 23, 2009

heyho! im back! my blogger's dying cus i've not been updating it since tuesday!
lets seeeeee. i had holqa chalet from tues-thurs. lots of things happened, not gna blog bout them. too much to say and too lazy to recall back everything. but i must say holqa DID bond during the chalet. hiphiphorray!

aft chalet, went to meet baby at his house den left for our post vday lunch. baby arranged it at carousel, royal plaza on scotts :) thanks baby. hope you like my gifts :D aft lunch, couldn't decide where to go, so i suggested him meeting steven and friendship ppl, instead of LAN. so i joined them for an afternoon of slacking/taking. went with baby to rent his dnd costume whilst his frens ate lunch. HAHA, i tell u baby's costume is ummm, overwhelming. see it on that day yourself! went back to meet his friends at MOF.blah blah blah. headed back to tm for movieeeeee, caught paul blart; mall cop. I SWEAR ITS DAMN FUNNY. you guys should catch it! :D :D :D :D :D :D bought barcadi afterwards at SNS. haha. head back home. tried to open it for ages. dumb laaaaa. zzzzzzzzzzzz

woke up on friday morning,went home, pack suff, went out again. cabbed to school for mascot full dress rehearsals again. haha. and i had a change in costume. LOL. when i went back to lounge aft i changed, everyone was like *cover cover* HAHA! cus they say its too revealing. not my fault! i said i wanted full, but they say try half. ohwells. hahaa! so i gotta do a change in costume AGAIN. zzzzzzzz. rehearsals was tiringggggg. walk non stop, blah blah. finally finished! went with ruth and michelle and joy to see more of my cosutmes at masquarde. but dont have! so went town to BUY my costume, and i finally got it. like FINALLY. and it was 8plus alr. muhahah, shan't tell u what is it. u shall see it on that day! :D :D :D trained down to harbourfront to meet steven, et and jack. went over to baby's amara santuary resort at sentosa :D heh heh. had fun fun fun! and drank somemore. soooo many red faces. lucky mine not red. haha! jacuzzi looked nice man. haha. slept at like what 6am???! and baby woke me up just to tell m its 6plus. -.- the bed damn comfy, but steven damn poor thing. haha. woke up at 9plus for breakfast with baby and the rest slept on. the guys went for 2nd round of jacuzzi. blah blah. checked out at 1. den i rmb i hav my granny's 70th bday celebration! so i gave otc refresh2 a miss. sorrry guys!

went to meet baby afterwards.slack here and there at diff places. had bacardi. haha. kay.
sunday! supposed to go out with family. but had cramps so stayed at home. plus im super bummed out by the sleepless nights that week. so i practically slept the whole day at home. first time doing that, i felt like a total pig. didn't even use my com. haha! watched pacifier and matrix at night. slept again. LOL
todayyyyy. meeting dork later at town. gotta find my footwear for my costume. so im gonna hang ard town tday! (: okay, better go prepare now. toodles!
Wilfred's bday celebration!

girlfriend love:)

birthday boy:)

Mr Ong Jinghao.

TAP Program

TBP class webcam! (there's still more in jon's macbook)

pauline, me, ann ann, jonathan, ruixing(occasionally)

our revit project!

Rendered view of our store (exterior)

Rendered view of our store's interior.
NICE RIGHT! :D our months of hardwork, doing 3D modelling. tough work.

and this is jon's way of showing pauline's a pig. HAHA!
more photos coming up....