Friday, February 06, 2009

hello world.
ruixing was damn himbo. he asked me if tiamo is called listening. just because i put music unde tiamo, doesn't mean its called listening. actually tiamo is i love you in another language, dumbass!

u know those 4 monkeys in my class seriously brighten up my day. tday they came in late to class, mr phua said u sing chan mali chan den i dont mark u late. and ruixing really went up to the front and sang chan mali chan, and the other 3 monkeys in his clique sang along. wthhhhh. the whole class just burst out laughing uhh.

daddy was very nice. he had off day tday, but he drove all the way from hougang to the busstop outside TP just to pass me my small little red thumbdrive. love him(: cause i needed that for my revit submission. and FINALLY, we're done with 3D modelling. but but but! tday is only 3D modelling submission. next wed is the submission of the coloured photos of our rendering of our design and our report. OMGXZXZ.

and next tues is my cds, MOE(management of enterprise) presetation. and that presentation weighs 50%!!!! WTHHHH!! i better get a good grade! my moe has no exams. yeahh. that's why. i must do a good job on the advertisement doing and powerpoint slides. im damn afraid i wont do a good job, but i will try my very very best to do so. wth, damn scary la, the weightage so heavy.

and i gotta sleep early tonight. know why? cause tml there's tri trng at sentosaaaaa at 7am! which mean i gotta wake up at 5am. WTH! after training, will be meeting beloved mich for movie and slack, not going rugby match anymore. then meeting MOE group mates for proj at 7pm till late. tskkkk. i damn scared for MOE. so basically tml im gonna bring my tortise shell out, bring my laptop to sentosa, and im out for the whole day. and i gotta bring so many things!!!! running shoes, running attire, swim wear, change of clothes, toiletries. OMGGG.

time for bed. toodles everyone
love you baby(: