Saturday, February 07, 2009

MY FIRST OPEN WATERS TRAINING TDAY. was exciting and tough. haha!

we swam from 1 end of tanjong beach to the other end and back again, ran up shore, wore running shoes on and went to run from tanjongbeach to ben n jerry(at siloso beach) and back to tanjong beach again. WOAH. i was dead beat manxzxz!
and swimming in the sea ain't that fun. i got bitten by plenty of sea bugs and a stupid jellyfish. -.- u know at first i thought sea bugs could be seen, so while i was swimming i kept looking out for foreign objects near me. but i couldn't see any, but i still had sea bugs bite on me and it was dammmn itchyy and pain. the worse was on my shoulder. my shoulder had like a sudden burning sensation and it was damn pain, i swam DAMN FAST towards the shore. hahaha! cus i was dying to get out of the water. and my shoulders were redddddd.

coach swam and ran with me. and she made me pace her. omggzxz, i was dying while running, but had to push on still. yeah, and i completed my biathlon training tday! yeahyeahyeah!!! im very proud of myself. HEH! bathed aft trng, hopped on thomas's car and he, tgt with 2 other seniors drove us to market opp vivo for lunch. slacked ard with gary, gabriel, thomas and yanling at starbucks. we all parted bout 1 hr later. continued to wait for mich to arrive. caught bride wars tgt. the movie's damn hilarious! and its damn niceeeee.

went shopping tgt. oh, went to see welson at num. got a couple of stuff tgt with mich. :D aft movie shoppeeeed. i bought shades and a baggggg (: heh. left vivo ard 630. bused down to kallang.

finished up our individual parts at macs. and the leftovers are mine to finish. ppt slides, presentation surprise(LOL), report. yupppp. gotta complete them before mon, so mon can have a run through. yupppp.. tuesday's our presentation, and we're gonna have our blazers on! MUHAHAHA! blazers and skirts for girls(:
okay, time for projecttttting now. but i gotta go have mybird nest first.
and im getting damn tired. i hope i dont fall asleep infront of the computer and waste electricity throughout the night. -.-

tomorrow's piano class in morning, thenim bringing my laptop over to my gran's place to continue with MOE proj, and tml night's the chu 15, last day of cny dinner with family. kay, projecttttt. toodles all.

[more photos coming up sooooon....]