Sunday, February 08, 2009

people move on with life. so do friends. but true friends make an effort to meet up with their loved ones, even if its for awhile. after graduating from sjc, everyone went on to diff jcs/polys, even if its a short lunch meetup, its tough. the hols are approaching, i'll make an effort to go meet up with those i havent seen for ages. hmm, i think i must make a list frst

1) dork, paddy
2) glenda darling (p.s. she got psted to tp apparel! YEAHYEAH, she'll be my freshie next sem! MUAHAHAHAH!)
3) ain
4) siewhwee
5) sjc choir ppl
6) adeline
7) min er, jackson, zhengyi, zi sheng, yiliang, jared (carda peeeps)
8) tracy, tze hian, yi hui (UOB peeps)
yeah, i cant think of any more. haha
ohoh, last but not least, i will spend more time with baby this coming holiday(:
B, i've got so much to tell you. i cant wait to tell u everything. & im really sorry for all the trouble i caused. i think i have to keep everything to myself now, after exams then i'll let u know everything. i think you'll be quite relieved and at ease after u hear what i have to say.
i think my thoughts get more mature when im with you.

todayyyyeeee. i spent my day at piano class and at gran's house doing moe project and family dinner. my piano tcher just told me my piano exams are on 17 march!!!!! and i think holqa chalet is on that day. LOL. my exams are in the morning, 1150am. and i frigggggin dont know how to go to that place. stirling road?!??!! and i have to reach there by 11. and the exams take like max 30min?? LOOOOLL. my parents aren't bringing me there cus they've got work. damn. im stuck. i'll find a solution.

so this week-mid next wk: project project
mind nxt wk- nxt nxt wk: study study
nxt nxt nxt wk: EXAMS
argggghhhh!! its like machiam studying also laaa. gotta learn all the italian words, meanings etc etc. okay, i gotta go dig out that book of music terms.. i dont know where i threw it.. o.O
after 17 march, then im officially free from all sorts of EXAMSSSSSS. i cant wait.
now, i gotta get back to MOE project. i just found out that the moe presentation weighs 55% for me, and 45% for the others. cus i didn't take the latest moe quiz.hurhurhur.

tomorrow's plans....
class from 9-1, wilfred's post bday celebration lunch at marina, come back to school for presentation rehearsals at 6pm, then home. which means i gotta skip my classes and triathlon tml. zzzzzz! but nvm, evening class is moe class. and since our presentation on tues weighs 55%, i think nth is more impt than this. LOL.

kay bye world. i seriously think i've no sleep tonight. but i think my ppt slides are damn pretty & awesome laaa. haha! i know, self praise again. but seriosly, im damn proud of myself. hahaha! scali tml my group say not nice, i swear i'll kill them. hur. byeee.
some teaser picturesss (: cameron highlands 08 with family.....

their funny busstop.

yo mr ducky.

i look like some little kid -.-

that's a praying mantis(I THINK). check out mom's faceeeee. haha! i dare not hold it. IM TERRIFIED OF INSECTS!!!

and this is one picture i gotta treasure. THAT'S A REAL HUGE BUTTERFLY MIND YOU!!! it took me ALOT to pluck up that courage to allow the man to put it on me. and my face is real spastic. but im gonna put it up anw, cus its my pride that i had a butterfly on me, when i usually sream and run away when i see it. hoho. :D

to be continued.....
[much more to come- stay tuned!]