Tuesday, February 10, 2009

baby and i had a talk jus now. that was from 11-1plus. though it robbed baby of his precious sleep, bt im glad we talked.
& i've got more to tell him on fri (hopefully)

today was a rough day. i slept at like in the wee hours and i only had 1hr of sleep. worse thing, i prepared so long, i was late for lec, so i didn't go in the end. then i forgot that intht lec was 2hrs long. so i reached sch at 10 tday. and i thought i shouldn't show face at lec, it would make tcher boil even more. so i sat down at engine concourse and continued with my moe powerpoint slides. hurhur. had psps class, and went off for wilfred's bday celebration after class.

sooooo, today, we went citylink! actually planned to go waraku at marina for wilfred's post bday lunch but halfway on the express bus journey, we decided to go newyorknewyork instead. LOL. so we got to citylink's nyny and the manager was damn gay. all of us were gay in fact(i man happy gay) cus we got to do our own cotton candy and we took 160pictures today. :D how cool is this. imagine, our class guys taking 160pictures. well, technically they didn't pose, we(or rather i) took random shots of them, but this is damn cool & fun luhh. dont you all agreeee. heh. i shall upload the presentable pictures on my blog and n801 blog when i have the time. okay, aft lunch we had bowling session, whereby everyone played except jinghao, pauline and myself. we went to buy cake for wilfred aft lunch. i guess the "surprise" was a litttttleee obvious. HAHA! but nonetheless, it was the thought that counts man! haha. had plenty of fun tday(:
went back sch ard 5, had moe project meeting. temper rose, got annoyed, tried to chill. rushed through everything and homebound.

am still doing moe project. powerpoint slides for tml's presentation. and i still dont have my edited copy of the executive summary to include in the report. UGHHH!!! and the ppl who are supposed to do it are sleeeeeping. nvm i shall make them do it tml morning. okay, i shall go continue with my powerpoint slides and try to grab 1 hr of sleep. LOL. gotta wake up at like 5ish later to prepare all my stuff. formal wear with blazer yo!

nights everyone.
Love Baby(:

p.s. my stomach's growling... >:[