Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HOLA! finally! TOTAL BUILDING PERFORMANCE AND HUMAN-CENTRED DESIGN AND ERGONOMICS is doneeeeeeee! well, not for tbp's main exams. wejust handed up or reports and assignments for the individual subjucts. NO MORE HCDE!!!! (there's no main exams for this sub)
i shall show u the pretty pictures of pauline and mine hcde project. once i uploaded it. HAHA!

oh, tday pauline and i spent 8am-5pm simultating stupid tbp stuff and drawing buildings. the stupid lab was empty from the start and it became sooooooo noisy like a market! with all the other ppl we dont know snatching computers with one and other. zzzzz. how funny.

so ytd i got a big fat lecture from parents, cus they just received my warning letter from school. which led to sth sth sth else else else, which became tearful blah blah. tday, they wanted me to spend time with them. so after their work, they came to tp fetch me, and we went parkway parade to walk. dad went for his meeting, so left mom and me. we went shopping. -.- yesss, and i bought lots of stuff. lets see.. 2 pairs of heels from CnK, 3 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 jumpsuit, 1 dress from m)phosis, 2 tops from topshop. i think that's about it. yeah, huge hull. haha! dinnered at western restaurant. dad called to say he reached parkway. went to look for our car amongst so many and went home.

stupid baby went to do sth zzzzzzzzzzzz. seeee lahhhhh!
kay, off to study/sleep. nights all.
yay, im meeting baby after sch tml. psyched! loves(: