Friday, February 13, 2009

hope all the lovey dovey birds get lovely presents from your all-so-lovey boyfriends.

update a little.
stayovered at baby's house on thurs-fri. had super fun on thurs right b? hhahaa! i ended class at 5, met baby at tm. ate at mos burger, met up with mich & grace. went to buy movie tickets for love matters and since the earliest movie was 1hr away, we went haagen daz for ice cream treats. slack whileeeeee, wentfor movie. i swear the movie's superrrrr hilarious! i think i wanna watch again. HAHA! superloveit. cinema was friggggggin colddddd. came out, went toilet and we got the craziest idea, do stunt. -.- watched valkyre. LOL. movie was quite misleading and hard to understand. for those who didn't take history back in sec sch, i would advise you not to watch valkyre, cause i bet u wont understand a single shit.
aiya those who died in vain super wasted, hitler died in the end. committed suicide somemore. zzzzzzz.
cabbed back to baby's house after our super cheap stunt movie marathon, which officially endedat 12midnight. dammmn tiredddd.

today. had class, after class went tm with class monkeys. they kept saying if i dont treat them, they'll go back amk. -.- obviously i didn't waste my money treating them, what for, they're monkeys! HAHHAHA! kayyy laaa, im quite sure u guys are reading this. THANKS LAAA. u all very nice to accompany me to tm, to find my "stuff". eh! u guys also helped johnson get his vday gift lor, so the trip there wasn't entirely about me. haha!
bused back sch for my MOE make up test. total screw up. i got the fking hard paper, whereby all the writen qns were asking forbalance sheet, incomesheet. and i bloody hell dont know how to calculate that. so i think i failed. ohwells, its 10% only.

on the other hand, we got back out intht(hospitality and tourism) class test results. ms lim said to me "jasmine, u got a B. im quite surprised u got a B, even when u rarely attend my tutorials and lectures. this shows that you can actually score well if u want to study and study hard." hurhur, okay, i shall study hard. but the "surprisingly" part abit turn off ah. zzzzzz. but still, im happy cus i didn't expect my score. haha.

after test, went down to eunos to meet client. he's so funny, he even wished me luck for mymoe test. LOL. anw i sort of got a job on the spot. a rather so called "part time job" that earns high figures(hopefully for me too). not much to do with modeling, but more or less it still revolves ard modeling and the people. yummm. im money-licious. money roll into my pockets! hah! i'll work hard yo! plus, i'll still take up modeling jobs and events jobs, so contact me if there's any! thanks:D

okay. and so for tomorrow.... b accepted a job on vday cus its a long story. briefly saying, he booked everything, but things went wrong between us, and there goes the plans.. there's no backing out now fromjob, so we're celebrating our 2day special on another day. why tml is 2day special? double 14th(: haha! i bet u all dont know xP
and im going out with mich tml! we're gonna enjoy our girlfriend dayand night out :D
pffft to u b. hahaha!

love you still lahhhhhhh.
okay i shall go continue to do my "stuff". meeting mich at 130 at tamp first to do some business, then off to town for the day. toodles!