Sunday, February 15, 2009

i love yesterday with mich. she's my lovely babe who spent her vday with me. we definitely had lots of fun ytd yeahh. shan't bore u with the details, but it was a nice day ytd. and i bought my skirttttttt which i adore so much! mich, HE keeps eating the cookies u baked for me. -.- next time bake for me must say ONLY FOR CHYE. xD

went to meet baby after we left town cus he ended his work alr. slack ard, walk, talk, had our own fun. haha! our makeup vday celebration will be done after exams :D heh heh at least we can enjoy ourselves totally without worrying bout exams. MUHAHA.

okay, i jsut came back from piano class and im going to get ready to go out now. going to have an early bday celebration for mummy! her bday's tml, but bro's not gonna be home, so we're celebrating it now. think we're going suntec and im gonna surprise her with bday cake :D heh heh, shhhhhh. aft that im going for danceeeeee. yeah yeah. okay, i shall go bathe now. again. haha!
my bro's physched bout baby. -.- hope he isn't gay. =/
bye world

the most meaningful and sweetest thing i've heard
"i may not be able to spend vday with you but im the last one there with you towalk it through"