Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the re-roofing works ontop of my house is driving me crazzzzyyyy!!! its like super noisy with the bangalas banging all the stuff/building materials on the roof, EVERY SECOND! worse thing, i stay at the top most floor, and the noise is like RIGHT ABOVE ME. worst of all things, the bangalas can see me through my window!!!!!! i can see them on the roof, they can look down and into my room as well. OMG! i must have my curtain down 24/7!

anw, ytd studied and gymed with baby. i ran 5km on the treadmill man! woahxzxz! i hate running on the treadmill cause it makes me dizzy and wobbly and unstable... but anw i ran and i had wobbly legs. haha, bathed, lunched, studied. met mich later on cus some ppl went to play lan. den make me wait 1hr plus(ALONE) for him to finish lan and meet me at 8. but didn't turn up! fineeeeeeee! went aljunied for my workshop for my job. PFFFT.
sorry i pissed u off in the morning too.

workshop ended at 12midnight mannn! one of the agents sent me home cus it was late already. his car friggin cool, 2 door siolllll. haha! okay, that's not the point. point is i got home safely. this week gonna meet up again to talk about my pay man! commission and all. i can officially start work on 2march. heh heh heh! called baby, talked... smsed, and slept. woke up early this morning, did XXXXX... going to get ready to go schoooool. meeting wilson and his fren, they're teaching me mathhhh. yeahhh, got ppl teach me math. im hopeless in maths. muhahah. then im going home in the evening, mom's cooking greeeen currry. :D and im gna study TBP at night.
im such a nerd. but its main exams yo! gotta work hard, i dont want to take supp paper.

okay, time to bathe and change and get ready to leave. the weather's such a bitchhhhh. i needa get 2 baths. LOL. seeyou alllll!
happy mugging muggers!

i love you more and more each day