Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the stupid ceiling just doesn't want to cut a hole in it. ugh! i think i have to do it for another night, probably on thurs night, before submission on fri. goshgosh.

today's class and all was a breeeezeee. hurhur, cause of someee reasons. haha. but i took the labtest in the end! and lucky i took it, it was relatively easy. except for the speed of fingers and answering qns part. tada, i was done in 50min time.

baby waited for me to finish den we went over to his place for a short while. went to save my proj stuff on his laptop. yupppp.

and i went to remake my specs just now. chose another design, black frame still. hahaha! wanted to get red sides, but well, i think black sides shld be more useable. haha! wanted to get levis specs, but the frame too big for my face. actually there's alot of super nice frames luhh, but all too big for my face, so i hav to get those conventional ones. tsk! oh wells, they're gonna be done on 11th feb(:

and and and im super happy! hahah, i called baby earlier on to share with him the good news. muhahaha! looks like my mom approves:D :D :D :D :D
love youuuu lots!
and u're sleeping like a pig now.
make use of me only, cus im not sleeping tonight.

okay! back to revit and its friggggin 4am already. haha. bye world.