Monday, February 02, 2009

im back home. ahhhhhh, what a tiring day. baby, u drain my energy. LOL!

today was a busy busy day. got a visit from raych love! haha! she came to tp to return me my ezlink and i brought her to get lunch from Mensa2. :D and off we went to tm. and we bumped into SU cliqueyyyy :DDDD and Wan jsut told me sth shocking. hahaha! well, shocking to me, but baby guessed it all along. OHMYGOSH. we'll wait for the results to be out and see how....

and and i had my new specs made on sunday! black framed and sides. but but but! the person called me tday say no black colour for my chosen frame, so i gotta go down tml to pick another frame. :((((

home bounded after doing some stuff. damn shag. came online to check mail and talk to some ppl. goin off to study now. omgggggg. tomorrow got MOE quiz!!!! and i dont even know until tday. WTFFFFF. and there's esfac lab tst tml as well. omggxzxzx! worse thing i havent even study anything yet. im so gonna fail. okay, i just got my schedule up, for this week. this week's gonna be jam packed!!!

8-9am: MOE quiz
9-11am: tbp makeup tut
11-4pm: class
4-6pm: esfac lab test!!!
7-830pm: making specs
9-late: revit doing

9-1pm: class
1-5pm: Dnd mascot duty
5-6pm: debriefing and changing time
6-9plus: maths teaching by wilson

9-4pm: class
4-5pm: maths quiz
5-late: AGM!

9-1pm: class
1-5pm: Dnd mascot duty
5-6pm: debrief and changing time
6-9plus: triathlon (1.5km swim & 5km run @ bedok reservoir)

830-12noon: sentosa with triathlon (800m swim open sea & 5km run)
**coach give me discount! i do 1 set can alr, others do 2 sets. MUHHAHA
12-3pm: slack /go vivo shop
3-late: rugby match! bedok kings vs src! :D :D

family day out whole day!

shag shag shag shag.
i love Baby(:
haha! randommmm! im off to study now. toodles!
& i gotta wake up at like 6am tml. shit, cant be late for class cus its test. but i doubt i can wake up on time though. ohwells.