Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hello, im awake early again, i woke up at 830!

yesterday was STUNNING. lol. went with mom to get our dinner dresses, and i got 3 dresses. haha! cus 2 days of wedding mah. and 1 for morning, 1 for night on the 29th. haha! went for lunch with mom, had indian food. haha! was talking about weddings. actually this is my first time going for chinese wedding. this time my cousin's from my dad's side. all the while my weddings are from my mom's side which is the indonesian side. so its kinda like my first time gg for chinese wedding. mom told me its not a grand as indo weddings. umm, like in terms of dressing. indonesians, we always custom and tailor-make our wedding gowns to those super grand types,each costing $2000 to idk what's the most amt. yeahhhh, but ofcourse i dont have those type of gowns, im too young 8D and besides, i dont like it. haha! so this time i can have a look on how's chinese wedding :D

wenta tamp to meet baby. nua for awhile. his mom cooked for us, then we left for movies. haha. we pulled out a stunt! we watched coming soon OMFG, its damn scary, for me luh. stupid baby's like not very scary la, and he kept scaring me in the theatres. i kill you den u know! aft movies, tada! we found ourselves in another theatres. but luck wasn't really on our side, we watched paul blart;mall cop again. but its still a hilarios scene. HAHAH! i love the hp ringtone, its so retarded. baby suggested i go search for it and put as my ringtone. LOL.
he waited with me for my bus and i went home whilst he went to play l4d. idiot, lan snatches my boyfriend from me. zzzzzz.

while we were at the busstop we talked about FO, baby said "what if during FO at night, u see some freshies jumping on the mat outside at he field" HAHA, i knew what he meant! that's how we first met. i was the cheerleading ppl outside, we were doing handstand and some basic stunts when a couple of GLs came and chase us back in. baby's side of the story. steven and ben chow saw us outside on the mat den they ask derek go with them to chase us in, later FA scold. so they went out to chase us back in. and i gave that unhappy face. until now, baby still remembers my unhappy face. haha! so if got some freshies out there how? LOL. retard la u. u better don go chase them away, want also must call me go. hahah!
our meeting coincidences doesn't end just here. fate brought us together 1 year later in some competition yeahhhh. xD

later gonna meet baby! haha, 2 days of seeing each other and still not sick. LOL. next time it'llbe total 1 wk no seeing each other when baby's in army :( things we gotta do later.
1) collect his dnd costume
2) get my footwear for my costume(either rent or buy at fareast)
3) go ubi renew his driving license thingy, idk la
4) buy aircon!
and i gotta be home by 8sharp. need to rest, orders by mom.

tml's dnd! i gotta reach sch by 9am for rehearsals for the show at night. OMGGGG. nervous nervous.
26march: dnd, clubbing/drinking
27march: send baby off, go mentor training camp(yes yes laugh again)
28march: go home from camp, bathe and change for wedding
29march: wedding in morning and afternoon
30march: mass gl outing, photoshoot, training
31march: photoshoot
1april: photoshoot, interview, training, stayover at baby's
2-4april: FOW
5april: go home, piano, pack bag, stayover at baby's
6-8april: FOC

shall stop till here. im not sure what's the plans like aft FOC. maybe i'll do more shoots or fashion wear to earn more moneyyyyy. muhahaha.

kay, off to bathe. toodles(: