Thursday, March 26, 2009

i did housechore today. cus baby ____ me. haha! cant use ps. yeah. anw, was to lazy to go shopping with mom, cus i damn lazy to dress up. so in the end, met melvin and vincent at hougang mall for lunch, at like 3plus -.- then they were walking me back home, when we passed by the punggol cc bball court and decided t see if shawn was there. and hell yes, so the guys had some bball fun. they were supposed to go out, but in the end, all ended up there. haha! was thr until 6plus, mom called ask me go back home and get the fish out of the freezer. rightttt. and i went t have a run aft getting the fish out. mom said later i get fatter cus i nv go exercise. fineeee

in the end, i ran 20rounds. stupid shawn still playing bball and melvin just came down from his house aft i finished my run. when they were supposed to run with me. LOL. and they thought i was going to run with them again. SIAO.

coincidentally, who shall i meet but SHERYL YEO HUIYING! hahaha! omggggg. my sec1 close friend-cum-diva! LOL. caught up with each other and all. nice meeting. she was there to play bball with her friends. yeah. so pubbing next time yeah? my hp's on 24/7 :D
homebound and my muscles are starting to ache. and i just rmb, tml im gna be in boots for the whole day. fancy me running so much just now. i guess boots and muscle aches just slipped out of my mind when the adrenaline rush came. looks like im gna suffer the consequences tml.

baby's flying off tml night! gonna miss him. have fun! and bring back goodies for me. heh! :)

mascot(or rather models) gotta meet at 1145 at lounge for rehearsals and lunch. and there'll be a bus to bring us over to marriott ard 12plus, 1. but i've got to go mtc registeration. yeah, so im meeting gaoyang at 1145 at mush, try my luck see if they're open, be the first to register and run to lounge. must be quick, cus everything's chop chop tml. our show's coming! omgggggggggggg. haha.

okay shall turn in early. wont be blogging for i donno how many days. probably until 1st april? but if i've got time during the day i might log on. seeyou guys when i return! stay tuned & take care in the meantime:)