Sunday, March 29, 2009

helloooooo! im back from the various activities i had.

TP DND 09 WAS A BLAST!!! we had soooo much fun! i'd like to thank the mascots for making dnd such a wonderful event. it was pleasant working with you guys for the past few months. all our hard work; walking around in TP in our costumes, camwhoring in the middle of no where, making new friends with each other etc. we started off as strangers, not knowing anyone, but at the end of the day, we all bonded together and shared our secrets with each other. i love you guys!!!! and good job everyone for our runway show on dnd night! we shall meet up soon! go clubbing or pubbing, as suggested by our traffic warden,samantha! :)
massive photo uploads coming up soon! i think i'll dedicate one post to dnd pictures. haha. coming soon!

next day was mentor training camp. rushed to sch, was late, me my group members. im in Hells Kitchen! yeah yeah, we were number 1 for 2 days and top3 for the entire camp. okay. haha! we rock. played games and all. learnt engine mass dance. damn funny la the dance. it was more of a ummm hands-on-partner dance. haha. my first game i had was super grosssss la! we had to pick marbles from a smelly box and form a sentence. as in there's alphabets on the marbles, we jsut gotta pick them out and cancel on them out on the board. yeah. and u know what was inside the box? we took a peek aft we're done with the station. FROGS! yes! jieling said she saw jumping ones inside. but most of them are like dead??? i donno, they didnt move. ITS DAMN FUCKING GROSS. we didnt know what was inside laaaa. omgg. almost died.
and and and there was one game station which i absolutely detest. this game was the 100secs no NG thingy. 1st station was: put chilli padi in yr mouth, take a glup of water, do jumping jets for 10 times and mix the mixture in yr mouth. WTF WTF WTF WTF. i totally cant eat spicy food, fancy asking me eat CHILLI PADI. i ate it okay, and my tongue couldn't be kept in my mouth for sometime and the area ard my mouth was burning for i donno how long. it was THAT BAD.

didnt sleep much. had macs den junkfood at business with xiang li, tingfong and chris, until like 4plus. went back to bunk, slept for awhile, woke up at 7odd. went back home aft some mass talking downstairs. rushed back home, prepare for wedding. mom said still got time, so i got to sleep for awhile. overslept, had like 30min to prepare. rushed like hell. got to church, attended church wedding. blah blah blah. went suntec afterwards. blah blah blah. homebound.

tomorrow's wedding again. ohgod. i've got to wake up at like 6plus. cus gotta be at gran's place at 9. do those get the bride ceremony thingy and tea drinking thingy. blah blah. everything done already den we'll head home to rest and prepare for the night dinner at hotel. change of clothes again. haha. omg. shag.

OKAY! IM IN A DILEMNA now. captain of cheerleading team asked me back to blazers. i want to go back, but on the other hand, i sorta promised tri team that i'll stay with tri. furthermore, all the girls in tri team has grad already, left me! so acc to ppl in tri, coach will put high hopes on me? since im the only girl left in the team. crap! this is so brain damaging. i want to go back to cheer. ever since i quit cheer, i regretted it. but im nt sure if my mom will allow me to join back. cus trng ends late and she doesnt relly like cheer. it took me a long time to persuade her to let me join cheer, den i quit, and she's happy. so now if i wanna go back, im nt sure if she allows. then, i dont want to disappoint triathlon team as well. i like tri also, but i dont know where shall i go now. any one who's reading this, give me yr opinion alright? should i stay in triathlon team or go back to cheerleading?
im getting super stressed out........

baby i need youuuuuuuu now. :(