Monday, March 30, 2009

phoooooffff. back from wedding. tday was damn rushed. woke up in the morning, was rushed to change and prepare to go gran's place for the wedding tea ceremony. reached thr at 9plus, rotted, cus the bridesmaid car couldnt find their way to gran's house -.-
i got to serve tea! LOL. and i got 2 angbaos for doing that. muhahaha! & baby texted from overseas (:

went home, got to saloon, did my hair. omgggg, the woman friggggin poked 25 clips onto my head and it hurts! rained super heavily. dressed up blah blah. all set to go. arrived at place. it was at Blissgarden. rest, slack, took photos. guests came, close doors and i was on stage for MC-ing. it went quite alright, considering it was a last min information and out of pure kindness i did it for my cousin. dinner was filling. took more photos. shall upload another time too. hahaha! i can dedicate one post to wedding photos. (like machiam my own wedding -.-)

time to be caught up in dilemna again. i shall elaborate more. you see, i plan to pursue dance outside of school if im in tri. since triathlon trng is on mon & wed(thts wad i plan to go la), i can go for dance on the other days, and its almost everyday(except trng dates). then now, if i quit tri and join cheer, i'll have to sacrifice my dance, my triathlon, and my other stuff which clashes with training dates(which might include precious time with baby). and and, i will have to get my mom's acceptance in me joining the team again. cus she's rather against it aft me getting injured repeatedly. yeahhhhh. so i seriously dont know what to do now.
please taggggggg peopleeee. thanks:)

okay i shall mull over it in my dreams. tomorrow gotta drop by pauline's place to return her shoe at 11plus, reach tp at 12 for lunch with sports club peeps, 1pm meet at mushroom for holqa important gl meeting, 3pm rugby match; till i dont know what time,530 supposedly to have triathlon trng, but i dont know if i can make it in time anot. so we'll see how. im dead beat!

baby just texted again. simple message yet it meant alot to me. love you baby:) goodnight everyone!