Tuesday, March 31, 2009

good morning sunshines! its 10am in the morning and im eating my breakfast as i type my post :) i just realise i've got tons of pictures i've yet to upload. LOL. maybe when im uploading it i can send it to the individuals i owe. heh.

a busy week just went pass, now its a start of yet another busy and hectic week. FOW/C is coming! this thurs will be the start of FOW, and monday will be the start of FOC. ohmygod, this means 1week plus of staying out. for camps. woooaahhh, and my mom gave the green light. shiok!
ytd was meant to be a gl mass cheer, but i had to play touch rugby for ben and sports club on last min notice. and so i played. game was rather fun, my love for rugby is back! hahaha! my thighs are aching now from all the running ytd. zzzzz.old already. haha. sth unpleasant happened during match anyway. shan't elaborate.

today! gna go town with glenda! its been a long time since we went out tgt, like on a proper "date" haha. 10years of friendship and counting! (its 2009 already) woohoo, love you babe. you'll be my freshie next sem. MUHAHAA! then, will be meeting jin xian at night for dinner. that guy owes me a treat :D we'll settle it tonight at swensen. haha, seeyou all soon! gotta prepare, im getting late.

& baby's back! :D :D :D gna meet him tml. plus staying over. ohcrap, got SC meeting in sch at 1030 tml. tsk. toodles!