Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i found these 3 old photos in my lappy! :D
the day was well spent. had a day out with glenda bestie. its been a longgggggg time since we last met, needless to say going out. had fun with her. that lovely babe of mine. camwhored like usual, shopped and talked alot. mainlyabout TP stuff, cus she's quite afraid of coming to TP next sem. haha. she's afraid of strangers and bonding etc etc. but im like the total opposite of her. haha. kayyyy. all the best to you darling! im always a ring away, or a school(design and engine) away!:D

she left at 7ish, i trained down to meet jin xian! our dinner together, finally! havent seen this guy for the longest time ever, ever since UAN's livelive days man! goshhhh. cant believe we still rmb to hang out tgt. haha! talked about life and UAN over dinner and shopped briefly around marina square. swensen was so cold(and partly cus we're filled), we couldn't have our icecreammmm. had a nice catch up with this idiot guy. and i definitely enjoyed myself(: double-O soon, but on fri/sat cus this guy can only make it on fri/sat. zzzzz.

im gonna be like this soon.

my blog's gna be pretty outdated for 4days? haha. tml i'll be going over to baby's hse to stay and prepare for the next day's FOW. 2-4april is FOW!!! i'll be away in school of course, so i wont be updating. i'll be returning home on the 5th, for my piano class and repacking of camping bag and returning to baby's hse. and the following day,6-8 april will be FOC!!! woooohooo. super shag. -.-whookay its getting late, i shall turn in now. gotta wake up at like 8 tml. maybe i shall go for a swim after SC meeting tml. depends on my mood. i'll just bring my swim gear along.

and no, the problem is still not solved. but its getting to a solution soon. soon sooon soooooon! kay nights everyone :)

lots, lotsa, loads and truckloads of love to you(: