Sunday, April 05, 2009

my empire, HOLQA, EMERGED FIRST. good job everyone, freshies and GLs. we shall continue to work hard and not be complacent. it was an interesting expeience beig a GL for the first time in my life, mixing with the freshies, having fun with them. it was enjoyable.

ytd was the last day of FOW. sadly i couldn't join my empire for activities. had to go for photoshoot in the day, only arrived back in school at ard 4pm. by then, activities all over alr, what was left was dancing king, the photostream of all 3 days and announcement of best freshie and empire. not forgetting mass dance. i saw my face a couple of times. LOL. had dinner with freshies and all other empires at CPF building, our tradition. our freshies damn cute, they had an item for us when they saw us arriving at mushroom aft our debrief. awwww, damn sweet laaa. :D hope to see them during jam n hop on tues night :)
dad came to fetch me aft cpf dinner, and baby met my parents, on the car. HAHA. your hair ahhhh. tsktsktsk. my mom was stil wondering why was he carrying a straw fan. haha, he helped me carry it, its my empire's identity. LOL.

tonight im going over again, and FOC will commence on MONDAY.another 3 days of voice-losing camp. my voice is almost gone now. okay i shall go take a short nap and pack my camping bag later. toodles! take care everyone.

meanwhile, some Dnd photos. more more to come:)

hair setting in hotel room

ashley(nerdy student), me(F1 the grid girl or sth), ruth(ballerina)

ruth love :D