Thursday, April 09, 2009

FOC just ended,well 1 day ago. Holqa did great! from 4th on the first day to tied-with-zetten for 1st on the 3rd day morning, and getting a final 2nd empire in FOC. well done HOLQAians! :D though we didn't create history of getting 1st in both FOW and FOC, we were close to it and we'll definitely be remembered. most importantly, we did our best and enjoyed every single moment of it. not forgetting the friends we all made, they will last throughout yr journey in TP. :)

after 1 week of camp, im super tired! got a couple days of rest, and next camp is the week zero orientation camp. this camp is for individual schools(eg engine, business,design etc) and i heard its compulsory. and so, im a mentor for engine week zero :) 14-17 april; camp= massive clothes + everlasting energy(ENERGIZER!!! lol)

ahh ahhh ahhh when are the dnd models gonna meet up for clubbing/pubbing? ruthhhhyyyy,dennis faster faster plan! ohman, we all have week zero orientation, i wonder when can we make it.
i want more moneyyyyy. who doesn't?

talked to cheer captain briefly with mark during FO camp, well, we might just return back to blazers but doing sth else. i know i sound so secretive and all, but i just wanna make sure everything's fine before i say what im gonna do. but there's quite a high possiblity im going back t cheerleading. the major obstacle is my parents. and prolly baby, he doesn't like cheerleading :x

tomorrow's easter. so i cant go out with baby. gotta stay at home.
saturday's FO outing to sentosa. we're playing final clash. haha! so beach goers, i'd advise you to keep away from the beach on saturday, we're massive. :D
the 1st video below is our holqa signature move(nobody nobody but you) and FOW and GLs performance item. & the 2nd video is Holqa's FOW video.
enjoy. have a great weekend. adios.

wonder girl nobody