Friday, April 10, 2009

hello earthlings!
today i stayed home, ate lunch and dinner at home! mom cooked traditional food so i stayed at home to enjoy it. went out aft lunch though. went for job interview. quite well, tml's job training, so is sunday. but butt butttt, tml's FO mass outing at sentosa, we're playing final clash. my training ends at 1pm and its at eunos. so that means i'll be down at sentosa at ard 2pm. hopefully they are just about to start the game. hahaa. i dont want to get burntttttt. which means i'll most probably NOT be in bikini. later baby angry again if i burnt. plus week0's next week, i wont be able to survive sunburnt skin during that period. LOL.

starting monday, i'll be away for camppppp. week 0 orientation. shag shag shag, another week of camp. but luckily i'll still be spending time with baby at night. heh heh. mascot clubbing on monday? or when sch reopens? i have no idea what's gonna happen. haha.

i just organised my pictures and did some some some thing thing. hahaha! i love giving AND receiving surprises. :D especially if its for or from your loved one. heeeee.

okay, mom just asked me if i wanna watch this show on channel u that's about conjoined twins story. haha! reminds me of my hospitality essay on conjoined twins in some countries etc etc etc. ROFL. alright, so im going offline nowwwwww.'

baby isn't replying me. pfffft! >:[
bye world.

p.s. crap! i haven't done my theory homework for piano and practice my performance piece. DAMNIT.

bestie of 10 years.
[more peeeektures coming up]