Sunday, April 12, 2009

im utterly disappointed.
you're so superficial,
im no longer a kid anymore.
im going to prove you guys wrong.
you just ruined the perfect day
that's the reason why i keep running away.
somewhere deep down, i really hate you guys at times.

i want to escape
from all these superficial things that you do,
& that you actually have an ulterior motive
why cant you tell me straight in my face.
drop the act
start knowing the real me
for eighteen years in my life, you haven't.
stop pretending that you know me well
when you dont even know that i've changed to the better
when all you care is about yourself
when you show favouritism
when you push me aside when someone else is back
what else more can i say.
im utterly disappointed.
if i hadn't overheard your conversation,
i would still think that you cared somewhere.

i cant wait to get out