Monday, April 20, 2009

hello world, first day of school wasn't the best day ever. first, i discovered i hav tons of modules this sem and all of them were project based. what's worse was that, the projects are worth 50%, and the remaining 50% are exams. why is the world so unfair?!!! now we have to work our asses off, welcome the late nights, eyebags to complete the projs; and study our hearts out for exams. how does that sound fair to you. OHGOD! im still thinking if i should take the extra cert examinations =/

to make my day better, i met up with dearest simone for lunch. issac came and lunched with us as well. then simone accompanied me to slack until my class started: at 12noon. and i went for class. met up with her again outside school (randomly) and we went tm. actually was supposed to meet baby, but he had to meet his fren instead cus his fren's leaving the country and they wont have time to hang out if they dont go out tday. so being an understanding gf i allowed him to ps me.

to make my day worse, the friggin 23 took a #$%&$%!#$%&* long time to get us to tampines mall. reason being: it broke down 10times, or maybe more thn that. not literally break down. but the engine just dies off after the bus moves a couple of metres. imagine how fcuked up we were in the bus, when it moves a few metres then the engine dies and the driver has to restart it. >10times! OMG, i swear i could not hold my mouth to spew some vulgarities. =X
now for some photoblogging.
The Life And Journey Of Being TP Dinner And Dance Mascot Year09
we started out as strangers,
not knowing anyone.
throughout the days of mascoting,
we bonded as one.
we sacrificed our lunch breaks,
and made design lounge our second home,
not forgetting the dnd booth outside library as well.
the sore feet from heels we wore the whole mascoting period,
the weird looks from onlookers,
the cheeky questions we got from students,
we took it all.
the laughter we shared,
the bond we made,
the happy times we had goofing around,
the one minute of fame we had,
while strutting down the runway on Dinneranddance,
it was then we all realised every sacrifice was worth it.

Mascoting days. (sadly i only have pictures of sam and i)
resting of feet in design lounge after mascoting.

and this is sam pig! :D

Occupazione 09

we spot a traffic warden in engine school! and an air stewardess!
emo shit. haha

9 march runway rehearsals at mariott hotel!

chyeeeee, amberrrr, sammmm, chelsieeee
plus ruth(:
absolute dining etiquette

chelsie, my diva cum takglam queen
a view of our dnd ballroom; for those who did not attend.


full dress rehearsals

chelsie's fedora, dennis's jacket, dennis's guitar, my boots, and sam's body.

traffic warden and rockstar!

sam's secret ambition is to be a jedi warrior!

Dnd mascots 09- plus ruth, issac and kesia

this isn't my costumeeee! plus they made me wear a black tank inside, cus too revealing. LOL.

the rockstar dons all the other mascots' stuff.

the actual Dinner and Dance day pictures shall be uploaded another time. stay tuned to continue the journey:)