Tuesday, April 21, 2009

konichiwa, watashi jasmine san. I GOT JAP FOR MY CDS! :D
its 1150pm! i must sleep before 12! my dark eye rings are getting gloomier! haha.
short post for today.

second day of school is ummm not much better. space planning has homework! OMG! first time in my entire poly life i've got homework, and its not a project! i have to draw the space planning for 4 programs! ohgoshhh. tiny details, accurate dimensions, which means it will hurt my eye. zzzzz! i shall do it tomorrow, if i rmb.
apel's cancelled, which means i have lunch break from 11-2? then jap from 2-4. and im going out with baby FINALLY. oh, i had lunch with baby tday at bizpark. haha! saw soooo many familiar faces. aft class went out with glenda, cus baby had to go home. we caught knowing! the movie was so so la. i kept jumping when the sudden sounds came, and i think i spilled popcorn. LOL.

i noticed recently, there has been quite a number of unknown ppl adding me. and they're not my freshies. they claim they add me randomly from facebook or friendster and want to know me. and i think most of them are horny/sex maniac guys pretending to be girls. -.- lucky im smart.

okayyyy, got job, but clashes with school. im gonna see how.
muhahaha, my online shopped clothes are gonna arrive soon! $$$ is going out, hopefully more $$$ is coming in. :D :D :D :D :D
okay, gonna check my job details now. heh heh. and go to bed. i gotta wake up at 6am tomorrow! :(

goodnight all lovelies! (: