Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL: please dont sms/call my hp for the time being. i will post another post on my blog to tell u guys to sms me yr contacts again.

TODAY IM FUCKING SUAY. MY ENTIRE BAG WAS STOLEN. wallet, handphone, ipod, makeup, perfume, jap book, organise, water bottle etc etc. WTFFFFF. its like EVERYTHING IS GONE. in just that few minutes, everything was gone. now i have to remake every single thing. FUCK THAT BASTARD WHO STOLE IT.
but if that guy would like to return my things to me, i wont press charges.
i know who u are, coca cola.

bad day bad day bad day.
thanks baby for staying with me throughout and everything you did.

i shall turn in now. fucking tired after everything tonight. gotta replace everything tml and all. cant go for job briefing. tskkkkk. sorry mama.