Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thanks sharon for helping me with everything tday:)
baby got me addicted to shinee. haha! they're damn good dancers luhh, and all of them are like so young! omgggg, im like so addicted to watching their video. okay, must stop youtubing, super addictive!

SHINee Love Like Oxygen MV

okay, u know i just realised im gonna be couped at home for like 5days? my 2 days MC became5. cus tday and tml no school, then fri is public holiday, sat and sun no school. so its like 5days no schoooool! yippeeee! but sat going out. dont tell you for what! hahaha!
then again, if im better tml, i'll go for IRDD and meeting someone. den im going home to rest. my fever's not gone yettttt! :( and i do not have swine flu okay! zzzzzzzzz!

okay im going to download shinee's MV and songs. heh! then i'll go do my IRDD research and jap presentation research as well. (wtf is ukiyoe?!!!).
i will pull my socks up and hopefully my GPA decides to go up as well. haha! (heard that Mr.GPA?! you've got a task on hand)

& yes, this is me. JASMINE CHYE!