Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sigh, my day got from bad to worse. illness worsen, i developed fever and flu as the day progresses. plus there was super loud thunder+ lightning during lunch tday :(

met drus & ruth, actually wanted to eat but ended up talking. then shi han wanted to meet me for lunch, so just nice, ate at bizpark with him. left to go class. had spaceplanning assignment. quite okay la, i managed to finish all 3 programs drawings, but the hotel room one not very completed, havent draw the bath shealth and the mirrored adjacent unit -.-
had project managementafter that, quite alright. left to meet drus and ruth again. haha! they accompanied me to clinic opp school. thanks loves:)

i got
1) throat swelling
2) fever
3) cough
4) flu
5) sore throat
zzzzzzzz! and it amounted to 45bucks! but i got 2 days MC. doc says im contagious, so i cant go school. so no cheerleading for me. :( and mr raymond wong scare me tday by saying thurs's class is super impt, un-missable
-.- okayyyy, if im better, i'll go for IRDD, if im not, i'll skip it.

i feel terribleeeeeeeee. like the feeling of being sick just sucks. esp having fever. you feel like u're a bull cus you're constantly breathing out hot air from yr nose =/
i need retail therapy. haha! just went blogshopping, bought 4 clothings and a vintage bag! :D sohappy. but $$$ is flying away. i need to earn it back!

okay, i shall continue to send mass email to everyone telling them to email/text me their numbers. how tiring! kay, nights everyone!
some video for you guys. damn cute luhhh!

Wonder Boys - Girls' Generation + So Hot

Wonder Boys 2 : Kissing you&Nobody