Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i think i forgot to mention the other time but, BABY IS ENLISTING ON 8 OCT!!!!!!
omg. life without him around=sad

awwww. and he allowed me to punch him when i feel stressed. LOL. kay, homework is piling, i still cant seem to find any transient hotel or tradition resorts. OHMYGODDDDD, im so gonna die on thurs during IRDD class! *crosses my fingers and hopes mr wong text us on wed saying he wont be in sch on thurs* im so bored doing research, and it seems never ending. in the end, i always find myself on blogshop purchasing clothes. SIGH. must concentrate!
i think i should go school and do my work, cus my house com alwys distracts me. im easily distracted mannxzxzx. this sucks.

okay! i think i shall go bathe and prepare now, meeting drus at 12 in school. think i'll go earlier, so we can finish lunch and i can start my homework research earlier. OHGOSH, THERE'S SPACE PLANNING ASSIGNMENT LATER, WORTH 10% . arghhhh! i need to punch ppl now.

1)there's work tomorrow, not telling you if its before/after school. BOOO! gotta rush rush! cus i've got outfits to change into and get my ass down to town to film. zzzzz. i'll tell you more when its out :)
2) then, thurs i cant go for cheerleading, cus i've got meeting on. ahhhh.
3)and and i've got a hair show modelling event coming up, hopefully i get it and i dont get my hair screwed up. *crosses fingers again*
4) last but not least, hopefully everything goes well for singtel grid girls:)

&& im still coughing damn badly everyday :( it just never stops. i think im irritating my classmates with my endless cough. so bad, till i have to wake up in the middle of the night and find myself on the verge of vomitting. :((( cough, please go away...