Monday, April 27, 2009

HOLA. global warming is killing me. its like a whole revengeful cycle. global warming happening, we people feel hot so we switch on our aircon, then the exhaust from the aircon will destroy our layer of protection around earth, and thus more sunlight can penetrate which will make global warming EVEN WORSE.
okay,in short, we're all doomed! =/

RIGHT. im coughing damn badly everyday, like some ahpeh. andat night, i cough till i almost vomit? you know those kind of feeling. yeah, it sucks. ohwell, what can i do.

oh, recently someone told me that though im soooo soooo busy, i still look happy. haha. maybe things aren't so superficial as you might think it is. i remain positive and adopt a positive look, or else i wouldn't have survived. (:

okay, shall go bathe and prepare to go school. gonna make my card at the bank first, then to school. hopefully i wont be late. *crosses fingers*
TOODLES. gotta run!