Saturday, April 25, 2009

ytd was a freaking hot day. helped out cca recruitment, then wheelbarrow. but cus got charity run, so we helped the registeration booth, then aft the 3 waves of run were over, we went to do human wheelbarrow. :D i was the crawler and emlyee was my carrier. LOL. wahhhh, arms damn shag aft running on hand for 50m. ohyes, and there was endurance wheelbarrow, 5 cca teams joined. they are canoe polo, cheerleading, rockclimbing, and 2 teams of dragon boat. in the end, left cheerleading and canoe polo. 57min, still standing. and soon, cheerleading fell, rockclimbing clocked 1hour plus. good job justin and bryan!!!!!! :D

packed up and all, went SC clubroom put/take stuff, debrief, phototaking, and parents fetched me home. heh.

todayyyyy! was super fun. haha! met up with clique at 11 for lunch at Dingtaifung. food's not bad, can go back next time :) surprised dork with chocolate pound cake from bakerzin. heh! eh, i look super retard carrying the cake from level1 to level2 with the candles stuck inside the cake, and everyone staring at me. and had to light the candles outside the lift. haha, queer stares from onlookers. paddy and i burnt our fingers -.- stupid lighter. OHWELLS, we had lotsa laughterrrrr :D
HAPPY LEGAL 18 DORK! love you tons!

paddy left at 12 odd for her ndp practice and dork & i went shopping for awhile, got myself a dress! dork says i look sweeeeeeeeeeet & innocent in it..... righhhhhtttttttt. haha! maybe i'll look gentler when i go out with love. -.- left at 230, cabbed down to cityhall, met manager for job rehearsals. ahaha! did small filming for small commercial. shall show u the video when its out. and you'll catch us on tv! :D be sure to catch it! had fun working with hui shi and benjamin, my shoppers! :D
ended work, dinnered with joreen and josephine :) saw my 2 shoppers again! LOL. trained home with joreen.

tomorrow morning: piano
lunch at home with family. then going off for work again. haha, its gonna be fun! then going for dinner with family to celebrate dad's bday, since tday we didnt get a chance to do so. yuppp.

i'll be starting cheerleading training on monday. ohgodddd, i have to work doubly hard! i shall, and i must. :) all the best to me!

okay, time to do homework now. drawing for space planning. sighhhh, gotta do them now, cus i wont have time to do my work on weekdays.
baby's at chalet. zzzzzz.
nights all!