Tuesday, May 05, 2009

hello all! :D today was a splendid day as well (:

i met my stalker for lunch at tampines1! haha, actually wanted to have our all time fav, FROLICK, but we were too full from our subway. so frolick another day stalker! walked around for awhile cus it was still early to get back to school. stalker bout a polkadot bandana thingy from topman! haha! cute lahhhhh. and and we shared some things on the bus back school. thanks stalker yeah! :D

had space planning class. halfway through we had pizzas. HAHA. celebrate the may babies in our class. so class was like free and easy. everyone just started playing instead of sketching our floor plans. haha! we even played zhong zi mi ma with pizza leftovers and weird stuff which actually turned out nice. LOL.
next was project management class. had some group competition thingy cus tutor wanted to make tutorial more interesting. ROFL. the group behind us said "tcher we dont want to play, cause you're so bias" damn mean luhhh. and i was sure to sense a tinge of disappointment in mr willlllly. awwww. but i was a nice girl & student, i took down tutorial answers okay!

went to meet proj mates. & off to meet baby. rather last min decision. actually wanted to watch movie, but none of the timings suited us. so we settled with a dinner and walk around tamp1 (again!) haha. waited for baby to come from town, so i walked around first. met at last! not on a friendly form. HAHA. longgggg story. tried to decide on food outlets to dine at, but couldn't decide, so we walked upwards. and FINALLY, I(!) decided to eat at SUSHI TEI :D haha, was suddenly craving for jap food (maybe cause im taking jap now. LOL) and baby just declared sth about his diet, which i think is hilarious. hurhurhur. :B okay, so ate our food, slack, talk cock and baby started promoting his creative mp3 to me, trying to bluff me its an IPOD cause he decides to name his mp3 IPOD. -.- nooooo, im buying my own IPOD this coming ITSHOW. muhaha, too bad baby. HEEEEEEE. walked around after dinnnerrrr and he played basketball at arcade. baby has plenty of negative comments about tamp1. sighhhh.
then, he sent me off to the busstop and im homebound here now! (:

ohyes, this is going to be a damn random section okay. we saw this jap uniform-dressed girl at the busstop earlier on. she happen to board 27 with me, and she stood infront of me, so i studied her(not bcos im a lesbian or what okay). here goes.....
Her shirt says ..... Education Centre. My imagination took me forward.
started to think what if she's just a normal person and that she looked like a jap. Her tuition friends at the education centre commented on her unique looks. In order to keep it going, she pretends that she's a jap and studies in a jap international school. so every tuesday when she goes o tuition, she has to don a jap student uniform to keep up to her lies. When she's all alone, she starts to think that all this is so tiring, having to be pretentious and she can never reveal her true self.
HAHA, real random right? maybe in my previous life, i was an aspiring storywriter. Who Knows! :D

okay, i shan't upload any photos cause im rather lazy to log on to photobucket. i shall go type my tutorial answers, so its easier for revision. MYGAWWWD, im such a nerd. 8B
i shall start dance next week! super looking forward & egggcited! >:B

psssst. class starts at 8am tml! stanley even thought that 8am classes didn't exist anymore. hola! welcome to my timetable. im so gonna stroll to class, and i shall head jonathan's advice, to buy my macs breakfast to class. LOL. im so doing that tomorrow, and im bound to be late anyway. who can frigggggin wake up at 6am man! hello! i live 1hour away from TP okay!
shall go buy more clothes after im done with homework! :DDDDD

imy, my crappylametalkerdear(: