Sunday, May 10, 2009

i realise i've been MIA from blogging. well, many things happened and not all are pleasant.

the most significant day of the week was yesterday, and today, technically. yesterday went out with baby. O school was closed but he still went thr thinking there was classes. haha. blah blah here and there, finally met him at cathay. had astons and we left for cine after that. went cine, bought tickets for traitor. ohhhhh, and the seat was horrible. we were like third row from the screen and tilting our heads to watch the movie caused us headaches. slack around aft movie. went the food republic at basement for dessert. was going to head to shah there for pubbing but baby said he's going with friendship to bowl. quite sad he couldn't come with me, but oh wells, he doesn't really know the ppl who's going. den 830 came and we both left town. waited with him for his train to ehub and i went off.
while walkingggggg, i bumped into lynette! haha, quite a surprise. she was damn surprised as well and she's alone. i was supposed to meet grace but she was with reliez ppl, so abit weird la. so went with lynette to hunt for gift. for both our ppl. hahaa! went prints! and we bought sth. muhahaa. that woman had a sudden idea to go ps and hunt for gifts. so we went tgt. to think that i just came from town, and im going back again -.- haha. and so we went ps. shopped around, looked around, got a few ideas here and there. heh heh, cant wait to get started.

then i made lynette come with me to shah there. lyn went, cause wanna see shah, fellow nexo-ians. met the rest and we went off to clarke quay. settled at mama's :) bought cake from tcc to celebrate grace and claire's bday/belated. haha. aft drinks, we went dance floor. i swear the china guys and irritating. one guy was like dancing behind me, closely, then the girls pulled me inside, but he still danced there. so shah just danced over, and he stood behind/beside me and the china guy left soon. his face was like zzzzzzzz. den got angmohs this time. wahlau, they made use of this woman to get us to open our circle so they can come in. wah i tell you mama's dancefloor is dangerous. then we cleared dancefloor, dancers came. shortly after, i left with lynette. cabbed home, 18bucks? yeahhh. reached home at like 1am? baby still haven't reply me yet. then got his msg at 5am.

today piano was a killer. totally cannot concentrate and i was suffering hell from my cramps. i haven't had time to eat my medicine before piano. and cramps was starting to kick in. by the time i got home, it was unbearable. took my medication and went to bed. 1 hour later it was better, but occasional cramps do hurt. after tossing around for damn long in pain, im better.

for a whole afternoon, i've been thinking and thinking. i got so much things to say to you. i dont know if you'll listen. moreover, its cool down.
i hope things will turn out right soon, and i really want to share with you what i think or have thought of. its alot. and i somehow see the reason why it led to this. and its not entirely your fault. i'll be your listening ear, though you may think that i have alot on my hand to handle already, but i can still listen and give you solutions. it takes 2 hands to clap. if the problem is not solved, it will never be solved no matter how long a time u give it.
im always here for you if you need me.
& i miss you.