Monday, May 11, 2009

today was a day-wrecker man! once i stepped on the pavement at my void deck, it started pouring cats and dogs. i didn't had an umbrella with me, so i had to make a big detour to the 82 busstop at punggol cc. ugh. bumped into jonathan on the bus. haha. we both wanted to cab down school at the 23 busstop, cause we were gna be late already. so happened, there wasn't any cabs in sight, and 5min later, 15 came. so we walked back to the busstop. haha. damn malu.

space planning was like WOAH. all 4 of us have homework. we have to draw block diagrams of our entire space, inclusive of the storage room, director, kitchen, toilet, reception etc. and we have to draw it 4 times, each time better than the previous. mygod! no sleep tonight already. gotta hand this up tml first lesson man!

aircon quiz was rather fine. had some help from xxx. heh! hengggg ah, i think i wont fail. :D

okay, i shall get my ass down to do my spaceplanning. if there's time, i shall start on my IRDD. im soooooooooo damn tempted to just disappear on thurs man! buttttt, i promised B i'll work hard, and not skip class. so i shall stick to my promise and do my thurs-due homework dutifully.
kay, bye world. photos shall be up next time. too lazy to upload them.

more things ran through my mind today. i think this break made me think about alot of stuff. mostly i reflected on my actions and all. and now i see how damaging it is to you, until this state. i just want to let you know that i somehow understand how you felt at certain point of time, but you just hanged on to it and kept quiet. im really grateful for everything you've done for me.
i hope i can have the chance to do that for you as well.

[edited] ----12:04am
im on my com again. guess what?!?!! i completed my 4 space planning drawing already! :D :D :D *beams!* now im starting my research on IRDD drawing and soon im gonna crack my brain on how to draw. how i wish i had someone to help me.

i think im falling sick, AGAIN. i started coughing a little here and there. sighhhh! noooo, i dont want to fall sick again. it sucks, plus i'll be missing class, which i dont want to.
i feel so helpless at times..